4 Interior Remodeling Projects for Maximum Decorative Simplicity



Once upon a time, opulence and excess were considered the hallmark of luxury. However, today’s richest interior designs are created with elegant minimalism that favors quality over quantity. Does your home look outdated because of old-fashioned features like a formal dining room or a bathtub you never use? Try these four remodeling projects to maximize your home’s decorative simplicity and modernize your living space.

1. Kitchen Island

While long breakfast bars were favored in decades past, a kitchen island with bar stools is a better fit for the modern family on the go. You can also skip the tablecloth because kitchen islands clean up easily with no furniture polish needed. Match your countertops for a cohesive aesthetic and add a handy built-in sink so you don’t have to run back and forth during meal prep. While many prefer to have their sink installed on the island itself, you can still have the sink in the typical space near the kitchen window if you prefer so that the island space can be kept clear for eating and food preparation.

2. Walk-in Shower

Does anyone have time for a bath anymore? That old-fashioned tub and curtain occupy too much space in your bathroom, so replace it with a sleek and luxurious walk-in shower with glass doors. Make your bathroom look much larger by using the same tile for both the shower floor and the surrounding floor. Choose doors with a simple design to reduce visual separation and stick to simple fixtures in a lush finish like brushed nickel or rose gold. If you still want to relax in a tub every once in a while, consider having separate bathrooms in your home, one with a tub and one with the walk-in shower. After all, you really only need one tub, and the walk-in style can make it easier for emergency cleaning of children, pets, and even just when you need to steam off.

3. Open Floor Plan

Older houses tend to have a floor plan with the kitchen and dining room closed off from the living room, but you don’t have to live with this stuffy, formal layout. Call in the remodeling contractors to tear down those walls and create an open, airy space for your family to gather. Keep it simple by using the same flooring throughout. Paint the walls in a soft neutral color and cozy up the living area with a few soft throw rugs.

4. Recessed Shelving

Shelves are necessary for storing all your treasured items, but they can also create a lot of clutter. Simplify your furniture scheme and make use of the space between your walls with recessed shelving. You can buy prefabricated shelving units that are easy to install yourself. Just cut the wall to the correct size, pop in the shelf, and anchor it to a stud.

Although a remodeling project is an effective way to simplify and modernize your interior design, there are other changes you can make that don’t require a hammer. Consider changing your wall decor to simple photo frames, reducing clutter, or purchasing new furniture with clean lines and modern colors.


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