4 Noises from Your Air Conditioning That You Should Be Concerned About



It is inevitable. Homeowners know at some point, an appliance or household system will fail or break down. Regardless of the amount of maintenance you do, over time every appliance experiences normal wear and tear that will eventually run down the system. Your air conditioning unit will likely be on this list at some point. What does it mean when you hear funny noises coming from your central air? Here are some sounds you may want to give your immediate attention to.

1. Thumping

A thumping noise might mean something is wrong with the engine.
Angie’s List says a rattle could signify a part is coming loose. The blower can come out of alignment. Bolts break and belts stretch out. Hiring residential air conditioning contractors to check out the machine could save you a lot of money because you may catch the problem before a part breaks off.

If the unit is thumping loudly, then a part is likely broken. You may need a new part or an air conditioner. Shut off the machine immediately and call for help if it bangs when operating.

2. Squealing

This sound usually means a belt is coming loose, or it is not holding enough tension. The noise might also be a problem with the bearings. This problem should get quick attention because the blower might stop working if the belt breaks in two. The best news is that a belt is one of the cheapest repairs for air conditioning units and will not take long for a repair professional to fix.

3. Clicking

When you hear a sound like something is turning on and off, it could mean an electrical component, called a relay, is faulty. The sound might also mean the control unit that tells the relay when to work is having issues. It is common to hear a click when you turn on the machine, but if you keep hearing a clicking when the air is trying to come on, you will need to call someone to come and check your HVAC unit for electrical issues.

4. Flapping

Noises like these probably mean there is a stick, a piece of paper, or other debris in the air conditioner blades. Sometimes, twigs and leaves get caught in the equipment after a heavy or windy storm. Mowing and weed-eating near the machine can toss the debris in the unit. Leaving the material in the air conditioner will not stop it from working, however, it will cause your equipment to fail prematurely. You can end up replacing the motor or the entire system sooner, costing you more money over the time you live in the home.

Another thing that should concern you is when you hear nothing at all. This might mean your cooling unit is not working. Regularly oiling open motor parts can reduce slight noises and rattles. However, it is important to use the oil the manufacturer recommends because household lubricants will not be thick enough for this application. Work with local air conditioning services to get your AC working properly to keep you cool this summer.


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  1. When you mentioned that clicking noises should never be heard when you use an HVAC system, I remembered my last visit to my brother’s house. We were bothered the entire time when we heard a strange popping and clicking noise and could not determine where it came from, as no leaks or other appliances were running except the air condition. I don’t want to wait till it actually causes some trouble, so I’ll help him find an HVAC contractor that can help him figure out what’s happening and fix it.

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