Best Possible Ways to Avoid Becoming a Renovation Horror Story



All of us Australians have heard at least one renovation horror story like the builder leaving you hanging halfway throughout the project or doing something completely wrong, but you still have to pay for it, etc… Those stories will make just about anyone give up on the idea of renovating. But the good news is that those horror stories don’t happen often if you are careful, although there are some ways to avoid it becoming a renovation horror story.

Avoid Completely Blowing Your Budget


There are so many stories and examples where someone has blown their budget when they start renovating. That is because of poor planning. When you are planning out your budget, you must be aware of the size of the project. Some people are just too ambitious and don’t consider possible setbacks, so they end up having to scrape some ideas or go into debt. Leaving room for wiggle in your budget will help you avoid any horror scenarios when it comes to the budget. Keep in mind that it is not worth spending more than 15% of your property’s value on renovations. There is absolutely nothing that will help you make sense out of that step. After all, you are only going into debt because you still have to pay for all the workers on top of all the materials.

Have a Trusted Builder

Renovating your home is expensive no matter how you want to go about it. Therefore if you need to spend more money in order to get trusted home builders in Sydney than it is something that you absolutely need to do, that is why doing a complete background check on your builders is a must. Always ask for recommendations, research online, and ask to see their licenses, other work, insurance policies before you choose the deal. You must communicate with them and let them know even the slightest problem that you might have, so you avoid any larger ones from making an appearance. If you can’t pay for a trusted good-quality contractor, then don’t get into a renovation because that is the recipe for a horror story.

Finding Out that Your Plans Aren’t Allowed

There is nothing more heartbreaking than finding out that what you have envisioned isn’t possible to do, while you are already in the middle of construction. This is usually the case when it comes to renovating homes that are outdated and old. Even though smaller renovations like fixing up the exterior of the home or the interior, more drastic changes will require them to be compliant with council regulations. Before doing anything, make sure that you check with your local council to find out what are the regulations and requirements when you are planning out renovations.

Avoid Your House Becoming Unlivable

Imagine that being neck-deep in renovations and your home becomes unlivable. That is why you must plan your renovations correctly and not do all of the house at once. This is where most people go wrong and end up having to stay in a hotel or rent an apartment because they ended up having to hose themselves down in the backyard or do their dishes in the bathtub. You must insist on renovating one part of the house at a time or if it is in your budget to rent out a place to live when your whole home is under construction.

Always Look for Foundation issues

This is where so many people experience the star of their horror story. If you are renovating a home that is old, you must check the foundation before going all in. Keep in mind that foundations will sink over time, which results in having cracked walls or doors being stuck. That is why you need to check for any damage to the foundation before renovating your home. Nobody wants to renovate their home and have it ruined and having to have it torn down because there are issues with the foundation that need immediate attention.

Keep in mind that even the slightest mishap can cause your renovation that was going smoothie to turn into a horror story. Pick trusted builders and pay close attention to detail, and you will be okay.

Mia Ackerson

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