A Perfect Week in Sydney, a Practical Itinerary



Are you planning a short and relaxing vacation in Sydney? Well, planning a five-to-seven day stay in a huge city like Sydney can be a little tricky, since there are so many amazing things to see, experience, and try. However, this little guide will help you come up with a good itinerary that won’t be overwhelming and rushed.

Day 1

All experienced travelers like to start their city visits with a hop-on-hop-off tour. This is a relaxing and easy way to get to know the city and even save on transport (you can get off the bus whenever you like and go back on once you’re ready to continue your tour). Plan your bus tour so that you finish near the iconic Sydney Opera House. Book a tour of this magnificent building and you’ll find out many things that can’t be noticed otherwise.

Day 2

If you like to be active and get the feel of the city, rent a bike. Sydney has many spots that can be easily reached by bike, and if you find a good rental agency, you’ll even get a map of these attractions. In four hours or so, you can check out many places and grab a nice lunch during your cycling break. Finish your active day with a view from the Sydney Tower. This is one of the tallest buildings in the Southern Hemisphere and the view of the city is breathtaking.

Day 3

Day 3 can be dedicated to art and all things beautiful. First, hit the Art Gallery of New South Wales, a gallery with worldwide reputation thanks to its collection of Australian, Aboriginal, European, and Asian art. The admission to the gallery is free and the building is located at a walking distance from the city center. Once you finish looking at art, you can walk to the adjacent Royal Botanic Garden and get to know the Australian flora. This is a beautiful and educational spot perfect for families and you can even learn many things about botany and horticulture. If you need more family-friendly activities and tips, you can consult useful Australia’s Family Travel Guide and get plenty of info. No matter what you need, accommodation tips, event tips, or service tips, you’ll find everything you need there.

Day 4

Since Sydney is a harbor city, you have to reserve one day for some marine activities. Grab tickets to the Eco Hopper, a “sea bus” that will take you across the harbor to one of ten popular stops (the Zoo, Fort Denison, North Sydney…) While you’re in your naval mode, make sure to visit the Australian National Maritime Museum, one of the most interesting museums ever. You’ll not only get to learn about Australia’s naval history through many maps, photographs, and garments, but you’ll also get a tour of real vessels that include a Destroyer, a patrol boat, a submarine, and even a replica of Captain Cook’s ship.

Day 5

You can’t leave Sydney without shopping and eating like a freak, so make this day your lazy day reserved for satisfying your desires. Make sure to hit Queen Victoria Building for some quality shopping and treat yourself to anything from apparel to accessories and antiques. Once you get tired of shopping, visit Spice Alley and hit as many of its food bars and diners as you can. Finish the day with a nightcap at one of many CBD bars and you’ll get home happy and ready to get back to reality and your normal life at home.

If you’re staying for seven days, reserve one day for Blue Mountain excursion and leave one day completely free for lounging in the city park or catching some sun at the beach. This Sydney itinerary is suitable for both adults and kids and you’ll come back home full of amazing memories and souvenirs.


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