4 Styles to Consider When Redesigning Your Bedroom



Your bedroom can be a retreat, a workspace, a romantic getaway, or a place of contemplation. How your bedroom is designed has a profound effect on your daily mood and ability to perform during the rest of the day. For many people, working at home has become the norm and their bedrooms have taken on new importance. If you’re considering re-designing your bedroom, here are a few ideas on styling this important indoor space to your exact liking.

1. A Natural Indoor Environment

Outdoorsy individuals may want to repeat the feeling of being in the open air with a design that draws from nature, with calming greens, soft blues, and sunny yellows. Reminders of outdoor activities such as sand, water, greenery, and flowers can create a pleasant indoor space that allows you to unwind and re-charge. The added oxygen and fresh air from houseplants may also help you relax and feel more at ease. Natural textures, such as linen, wood, and rattan enhance the relaxed feel of the room.

2. Go Monochromatic

Staying within one color family can create a simplified environment that allows you to wind down and enjoy your leisure time. Different tones of gray or blue, or perhaps a mix of neutral colors, can have the effect of settling you down after your hectic day. Bedding and other textures in the room should repeat the color palette in a slightly different tone.

Even lighting and other furnishings can repeat the monochromatic theme. If you want to add a bit more color to add interest, choose a
blue camo leather decorative throw pillow to provide a surprising focal point. Add accent colors or shades of the same color with curtains, rugs, and small decorative items like pots and paintings.

3. Minimalist Styling

Removing unnecessary items will help you to feel calmer and more organized, reducing stress and helping you to function better in other areas of your life. Bedding should be simple and easy to maintain with regular laundering.

Furnishings should fit your needs, without extraneous knobs, trims, and carving. Lighting should be functional and easy to adjust to your needs. Decorative items should reflect a calming architectural approach. Minimalist styling tends to focus more on neutral colors like white, gray, and tan for your bedding and other decorations.

4. Indulge Yourself With A Lavish Design

Maybe you are an individual that enjoys all the comforts in life. You may want a bedroom that reflects your hedonistic nature. Vibrant, jewel-like colors, a padding headboard, and luxurious bedding should be your choice. Rich textures and ornate lighting will put you into a positive frame of mind. Furnishings should keep everything you need close at hand, so you can savor your downtime to the maximum level.

Your bedroom is a very personal space that can have a direct effect on your mood and how you start your day. Make it a place that reflects your personality and unique needs. Whether you like a low-clutter, stark environment, or one with a high degree of comfort, you can create the perfect setting to relax and re-invigorate yourself with a few special touches.


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