Have a Small Apartment? Here’s How to Make the Most of It



If you live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you want to make sure that you are making the most of your space. If you are not sure how to decorate efficiently for your needs, think about some of these tips and how they can help you.

Define the Space to Suit Your Needs


No matter how you plan on decorating the space, it is always a good idea to plan for your exact hobbies and needs. Do you play video games? Are you planning on hosting guests often? Would you like to have a station to dedicate time to a specific hobby? There is no single clear-cut answer to any design questions regarding functionality, but it can always be a good idea to design with a layout to suit your habits. If you play video games, think about a desk that can hide large electronics, but also provide cords and room for ventilation. If you have guests over, think about having easy-to-store furniture such as folding chairs and/or floor pillows to use for visitors. The place in which you live will tell you what it needs to function.

Keep Minimum Appliances

One of the best ways for you to open up even more functional space is to work with as few appliances as possible. There are many appliances that you will need as necessities in your property. Otherwise, try to avoid keeping your needs minimal. Think about visiting your local laundromat instead of keeping a washer and dryer in your unit. Always search for ways to downsize where it is possible, such as by combining furniture functions.

Put Furniture Against the Wall

Another good way to maximize the amount of space in your apartment is to keep your furniture against the walls. Not only does this allow you to maximize your moving space, but it also creates a much more streamlined appearance in the apartment itself. When your furnishings are set aside attractively, it will be easier for visitors to feel at home.

Use Mirrors and Statement Pieces


No matter how much space you have on the floor, you should never forget about keeping your walls decorated. Mirrors and art on your walls can be absolutely invaluable to your central decor. Particularly if you are planning on using your furniture to lead the eye to these statement pieces.

Work with lighting and shading where possible as well. Do not be afraid to get creative in your decorations as well. Visit websites that showcase unique interior design options. Think about what you can do for your specific space. It can be easy for you to find inspiration in a variety of different ways. Any home decor can be transformed into something personal and beautiful.

While living in a small apartment can feel restrictive, there are a multitude of ways to mitigate that. Focusing on your needs can make what once felt small feel like home. Consider the above suggestions as you make a plan for living in a small apartment.


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