5 Must-Have Interior Details To Showcase Your Taste



It’s the details that set the real style mavens apart from the wannabes, and your interior decor is going to say a lot about which of the two you are. No matter how minimalistic your tastes are, some well-chosen luxuries will make the statement that sets you apart from the pack. Minimalism may be in, but it’s the elegant finishing touches that personalise it and mark you as a trendsetter. Use these ideas to showcase your taste and interior decor credentials.

1. Modern Art Chandeliers

Antique-look chandeliers are trendy, but you can set yourself apart by choosing a quality and modern design. A ceiling chandelier is an eye-catching feature, so use it as a statement of your personal taste. There are some truly magnificent designs to transform ordinary lounges into places of palatial luxury. Get out of the box and pick one that makes a bold impression. 

2. Sleek Sculptures

Transform a space by adding a sleek, modern sculpture as a focal point. Instead of choosing a replica of a classic sculpture, opt for something modern with smooth, sweeping lines. Cool, white marble is always impressive, or you could add a touch of natural warmth with a sculpture that’s all about the beauty of real wood. 

3. Paintings With a Pop of Colour

Neutral shades are all the rage, but a few pops of colour add warmth and interest. When it comes to paintings and wall hangings, go for big statements that really draw the eye. In the right setting, walls full of bits and bobs can work, but in a modern-look setting, it’s best to be picky and feature a single, large artwork instead. Choose shades that match your decor, with touches of an accent colour that you’ll carry through your decor in moderation. 

4. High-Quality Woven Rugs

Cool and self-contained though your decor may be, you’ll still want areas with a more relaxed, warmer, and more sociable vibe. In an open-plan setting or multi-functional space, you can define these areas with rugs but choose them wisely. Hand-woven rugs with bold, geometric patterns against a neutral field speak of quality and good taste. With such an important role to play, your rugs should represent nothing but the finest quality and craftsmanship. 

5. Statement Ornaments

The clutter is out. But even the most beautifully-designed interiors can appear cold and sterile without a few, strategically chosen and placed ornaments. Be extremely choosy and select items that speak of quality. Use them to create contrast, but remain within the theme you’re trying to convey. For example, if you’re adding colour with the help of a painting, choose ornaments that reflect that shade or use texture as a contrast instead. 

It’s Worth the Investment

Since you aren’t going to finish a room with tons of items, it’s worth spending more for the few you do select. Go upmarket, handmade, unique, or unusual, but whatever you do, don’t skimp on quality or price – at least not if you’re hoping to showcase your taste and earn a reputation for appreciation of the finer things in life. 


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