4 Tips for Dealing With Job Loss and Getting Back on Your Feet



Losing your job can be a very devasting experience. Not only can job loss affect your mental, emotional, and financial health, it affects your entire family. Being laid off from a job is just as devastating as being fired, and either one will have an immediate impact on your life. However, if you keep your wits, stay strong, and follow these four tips for dealing with job loss, you can get back on your feet and keep your life intact.

1. Evaluate Your Financial Situation

The first thing you should do after losing your job is to evaluate where you stand financially. This includes what money you have in your checking account and your savings account. If you don’t have savings for emergencies, you need to find a new source of income before you fall behind on rent, mortgage, utilities, and other bills. In today’s job market, it can be pretty easy to get hired if you aren’t picky with the type of work you get. This may mean that you need to get an entry-level job such as an order taker at a local restaurant. There’s no shame in taking on a menial job to pay the bills until something bigger and better comes along. In the meantime, many states have unemployment support programs that can provide you a percent of your previous income while you are working to get a new job.

2. Gather Support 

The mental challenge related to losing a job tends to be just as difficult as the financial hurdles that come with job loss. To ensure that you stay healthy, it’s important that you get support. Some people feel like they should keep the loss of their job from their friends and family. However, telling them can help you get the support you need. Other than friends and family, you may want to get professional help. Group therapy is an excellent way to help lower stress during times of hardships and a great way to network with others who may be in a similar situation and may be able to help you find a new job. Additionally, it’s typically a little cheaper than one on one therapy.

3. Set Goals

You should set goals for your life whether you lose your job or not, especially if you work in a job that makes you unhappy. Sometimes losing a job can lead to a better and more fulfilling occupation. Set goals for finding a new job or career that you enjoy. If a more fulfilling career means going back to school and learning a new skill, by all means, make it happen.

Losing your job can also present you with the opportunity to start a business and be your own boss. Set a goal for when you would like to start your new business and get advice for friends, family, and others in the business you would like to own and operate.

4. Keep an Open Mind

Losing your job doesn’t make you a failure. Keep an open mind about career and business opportunities, and don’t let negativity keep you from moving forward. Learn to see opportunities in places where you least expect to find them.

Losing your job is not the end of your life. While it may be a difficult time, it does present you with new and fresh opportunities for your life and career. Move past your job loss, be kind to yourself, and stay positive.


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