6 Ways Stay-at-Home Moms Can Earn a Salary From the Comfort of Their Homes



There is no denying that the internet made a huge impact on our society down to its very core. Take for example the role of women in a traditional family setting. All of the unemployed moms, who were previously assigned with household duties, now have an opportunity to earn money for their family – all that without the need to ever leave their house. If you want to join their ranks and start working from your home, here are a couple of the most interesting options you should take into consideration.

1. Virtual Assistant

This profession has become very sought out over the last couple of years. What is it all about? Well, various companies, ranging from startups to industry behemoths, are trying to streamline their operations to stay competitive. Because of that, they often outsource menial tasks like making appointments, correspondence and managing social media profiles to outside assistants who perform these duties from their homes. If you are meticulous and well-organized, this might be the job for you. 

2. Freelance Writer

Online marketing can be performed in several different ways. Some of the most popular approaches are content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (famous SEO), both of which are heavily reliant on the constant influx of well-written content. As you would expect, the demand for talented writers who can comply with deadlines is pretty high, so if you consider yourself one, you can give it a try. Still, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check some of the tips for writing effective content first.

3. Digital Currency Miner

Essentially, the mining of digital currencies is renting your computing capable devices to blockchain networks for resolving complex algorithms. For this, you are rewarded with some of the digital currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.) which you can either spend online or exchange for money. Since this process revolves mainly around equipment maintenance, it’s a good match for women who don’t have too much free time. However, current computing tasks have become very demanding, so you will need to invest in professional cryptocurrency mining equipment.

4. Airbnb Host

Does your house have any spare rooms? If the answer is “yes” – great! You are just a couple of steps away from becoming an Airbnb host. Once you register your free room or apartment with the company, you will get global exposure to all the tourists around the world interested in spending some time in your settlement for the modest fee of 3% per check-in booking. From there on, you only need to provide basic short-term accommodation to visiting guests. Of course, this idea is much more viable if your place sees a large number of tourists.

5. Online Juror

This profession is still considered pretty niche but it is growing in popularity, which makes it worthy of your attention – especially taking into consideration that your duties are relatively simple. So, the companies that are involved in court cases are creating mock online juries that give their counselors and consultants prediction on how the case will eventually turn. Of course, your opinions don’t have any kind of legal implication in the court process – they serve more like a focus group research.

6. Become an Online Tutor

In probability theory, there is something called the law of large numbers. That law roughly states that if you have some specific knowledge, you will find someone to pass the knowledge to if you have a large enough customer pool. Well, the internet has made sure that you have a customer pool of 7.7 billion people. And even if you are not proficient in any special skill, the very fact that you are an English native speaker will open the doors to lucrative tutorships to foreign students. 

We hope that some of these ideas will set you on the right track or even spark some interesting business idea of your own. The most important thing is to know that you don’t need to choose between your career and your family. As long as you are willing to put in some effort, you can start earning even from the comfort of your home.

Diana Smith

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