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Changing demands from the COVID-19 pandemic continue to drive healthcare jobs at a rapid pace. Employers are being encouraged to hire clinical professionals with communication and technological skills due to the rising demand for telemedicine and virtual treatment. After passing their qualifying medical exams, students may think about a career in the healthcare sector due to the increased employment opportunities it has brought about. The higher work prospects in the field of medical science are another factor that attracts students to it. An aging Canadian population and rising demand for healthcare administration workers as more patients result in a rise in support and management responsibilities are two more trends driving up demand for jobs in the sector. 

Registered Nurse 

The need for registered nurses in Canada has grown as the older population has grown, making this occupation quite possibly the most in-demand in the nation. In order to reside and settle in the province you choose; you must first register there and pass a test to demonstrate your proficiency.  

Getting a Canada visa is most important if you intend to move to Canada as a nurse. Regarding immigration, you’ll have an option because every province will desire you and be ready to support your application through the Express Entry system. As a seasoned registered nurse, you may anticipate earning an annual salary of $102,500.  

Licensed Practical Nurse 

It is important to understand that licensed practical nurses are trained in both theory and practical nursing. A 1–2 year diploma program is required for education, depending on the province, the core curriculum, and the level of experience at a community college or university. In order to fulfill the experience of the duties and obligations of an LPN, the program involves placements in medical facilities. Candidates for LPNs must successfully complete the CPNRE (Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination).  

Medical Administrative Specialist 

Physician’s offices, hospitals, and clinics are just a few of the places where administrative assistants in the healthcare industry work. They assist with patient check-in, make ensuring records are current, support claims invoicing procedures, and offer general administrative assistance to clinical staff and management in the healthcare industry. Candidates for these positions should have excellent communication and analytical abilities, be able to meet patients’ needs in terms of customer service and be organized and focused on details.  

Healthcare Disability Manager

For patients who are requesting services or benefits due to a handicap, healthcare disability managers act as an advocate. To assist newly diagnosed or disabled patients in understanding their options and scheduling services before release, they may work in hospital settings. Along with government organizations, suitable people might be able to find jobs in medical practices, clinics, and hospitals.  


According to the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), in order to be admitted to Master’s Entry-Level Programs, applicants must have an undergraduate degree, typically with stringent prerequisites, in order to become a physiotherapist in Canada. With a total of more than 1000 hours spent in a clinical setting, students gain the level of professionalism necessary, which also calls for provincial registration.

The use of physiotherapy is common in many settings, including rehab hospitals, residential care, private practices, community health centers, assisted-living facilities, and educational institutions. In the years 2019 to 2028, it is anticipated that there will be more new job vacancies than applicants, with a median hourly wage of $40.75. 

Medical Laboratory Technician 

It is hardly unexpected that medical lab technicians are in demand given how crucial COVID testing has become over the past two years. However, careers for lab technicians are in demand for reasons other than the epidemic. The need for laboratories has grown recently as a result of improved diagnostic techniques, reliance on at-home testing, and a rise in people wanting to know more about their own DNA.  

Nursing Supervisor 

You might anticipate managing the nurses and doctors at a hospital, clinic, nursing home, and many other settings as a nurse supervisor. Nursing degrees must be obtained from four-year universities. Having a degree as a Registered Nurse (RN) isn’t enough to reach this level of nursing care; you also need management training and five years of clinical experience. On a nationwide basis, this occupational category is anticipated to experience labor shortage circumstances between 2019 and 2028.  

Dental Hygienist 

If you want a lot of money to spend as well as a lifestyle that most people only dream about, why not practice in Canada? The average annual salary for professionals with extensive experience is $100,000. Demand for the field has increased by 13% over the past five years, and this upward trend is anticipated to continue. As you may be aware, higher demand equates to higher income. 

The Average Pay for Healthcare Professions

In the healthcare sector, salaries span a considerable range. The occupation, the candidate’s expertise, and the location of the employment are frequently factors in salary. The low end of average income in 2021 was roughly $40,000. The typical midrange salary was $55,000. and professionals in the field might make up to $95,000 annually. 

Similar results are expected for 2022, with intermediate occupations paying somewhat higher on average ($61,400). The average salary for entry-level positions is projected to be roughly $33,500, while that for senior positions is projected to be $89,500. 

Healthcare professionals will be high in demand in 2022 for clinical, administrative, and support. Employers are trying to put together teams with a variety of skills that can handle all aspects of medical care, including specifics like patient scheduling or sanitation. 

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