Strategies To Stay Cool Outside in the Summer Heat



Summer can be uncomfortable because of the heat. When the mercury climbs on your outdoor thermometer and the humidity soars, spending time outside can feel more like a chore than a pleasure. By wearing a large straw hat and staying in the shade as much as possible, you’re probably trying to stay cool. However, this may not be enough. In addition to these strategies, there are a variety of other ways to beat the heat.

Stay Hydrated

Keep hydrated to avoid heat-related illnesses. While spending time outside, take frequent breaks in the shade and drink more water than usual. You could also replenish your electrolytes with a sports drink. However, don’t limit yourself to just one or two drinks. You need to stay hydrated all day long by drinking plenty of water. You should also avoid alcoholic beverages, which can make you dehydrated.

Dress for the Weather

Put on the right clothes for the weather if you’re going to be outside. Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothes. Cotton is a suitable fabric choice. Some synthetic fabrics are known to trap heat, so be sure to research the fabrics of your clothing before wearing it in extremely hot weather.

Don’t forget sunscreen on your face, neck, and bare legs and arms. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and apply liberally to all exposed skin. If you have fair or sensitive skin, you will benefit from SPF 50 or higher. Apply every two hours or more often if you’re sweating or swimming.ย 

Take It Easy

Try not to overdo it in the heat. During the summer, outdoor activities are still possible, but you should pace yourself and take frequent breaks in the shade to stay cool. You are putting yourself at risk of heat exhaustion and heatstroke if you participate in strenuous activities.

Use a Personal Fan

You may not realize how many products there are on the market designed to keep you cool. There are classic hand-held fans available, but there are also more convenient options. You can get fans that hang around your neck like a lanyard or pair of headphones. These fans will blow directly into your face and neck, making this a great option if youโ€™re embarrassed by the sweat on your forehead and upper lip.

Get Outdoor Blinds

When the summer heat is intense in your backyard, outdoor blinds are a terrific way to stay cool. They can keep your patio or deck up to 20 degrees cooler by blocking the sun’s rays. Since they’re made of weather-resistant materials, they can stand up to the elements year after year. When you want to enjoy your backyard space without feeling like you’re in a sauna, outdoor blinds are a smart option.

While the temperature spikes, there are some things you can do to feel comfortable and relaxed. Keep cool by following some simple guidelines during the summer heat, such as avoiding heat-related illness by staying hydrated, dressing appropriately, and taking it easy. Also, consider investing in outdoor blinds to keep your deck and patio cool. It’s easy to enjoy a wonderful summer without feeling overheated with just a bit of preparation.


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