4 Upgrades to Turn an Almost-Lemon Into the Perfect Family Vehicle



While getting an older model car can save you thousands of dollars on your car loan and car insurance, many of the safety and convenience features of newer models aren’t included in anything made before 2018. This makes finding the perfect family vehicle difficult, as choosing affordability over quality isn’t exactly desirable. However, if you make a few upgrades, then you can have a car that runs just as well as newer models, has all the same features, and is affordable to your family budget. There are several things that you can do to upgrade an old vehicle.

1. Add a Rearview Camera

All vehicles that were built after May 1, 2018, come with a rearview camera. If your vehicle does not have a rearview camera, then you should definitely consider adding one. A rearview camera will allow you to see things that are in your path, which will make it a lot safer for you to drive. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, rearview cameras reduce blind spots by up to 90 percent. This is especially helpful in high-traffic areas or in neighborhoods where there are a lot of children playing outside.

2. Add a Dash Cam to Your Vehicle

A dash camera is placed inside of your vehicle. It will continuously record what goes on in and around your vehicle. The dashcam footage can be used as evidence if you get into an accident. It can also show you if someone attempts to break into your car, which is especially useful for those who park their car in the driveway. If you have a teenager learning how to drive, this installation is a must.

3. Add a Car Stereo System to Your Vehicle

People love car stereo systems because they make the rides more pleasant, and even older models will typically have their own. However, the type we have today with touch screens, hands-free operation, and GPS navigation tend to be reserved for the newer models. Thankfully, those types of stereos don’t actually need to be intricately connected to any specific model in order to function. Touch-screen car stereos can be installed in older models with their own Carplay apps.

4. Blind-Spot Warning System and Cross Traffic Alert

Most newer vehicles have a blind-spot warning system. However, you can add radar sensors to your vehicle. A blind-spot warning system is typically bundled with a cross-traffic alert. When you attempt to change lanes, you will get an alert if someone is in your blind spot. A cross-traffic will also let you know if there is a vehicle approaching your path. Both of these are not only great for anyone driving in high-traffic areas or areas with lots of bikers and pedestrians, but they can be lifesavers for new teenage drivers who are still trying to get the hang of maintaining spatial awareness while driving.

You don’t necessarily have to get rid of an old car. You can get more use out of your car if you upgrade it. You will need to add a rear backup camera and a dash cam to your car. You can also add a new car stereo system. Additionally, you can make your drives safe with a blind-spot warning system and cross-traffic alert.


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