4 Ways to Know That You’re in a Happy Relationship



There are many ways to know that you’re in a healthy and happy relationship. But in a few words, I think we can all agree that in a nutshell, you’ll automatically know that you’re in a happy situation, because you’ll feel it and it will show in many ways to you, and to others around you.People will usually be able to tell how good your relationship is and just how happy you are by how you act, from the things that you say, and even by your appearance and how well you take care of yourself. This is why I wanted to create this short list of four things that will make it easy to tell that you’re in a happy and healthy relationship. 

1. You Care About Your Appearance

You take pride in the way that you look. You care about how you present yourself, and you always try to make a good first impression, and despite the normal things that go on in your relationship, like working through issues, and self-improvement. You don’t let yourself go. You become healthier, and you might even exercise more and start taking better care of yourself from the inside out, which many times, includes your eating and drinking habits. 

2. You Feel More Inspired

You feel inspired to do great things in life. You might even feel more youthful, excited, energized, and rejuvenated. You feel happy from within, and you’re inspired to the point that you want to do more, and more, and you’ll strive for achieving greatness. The goals that you might’ve had in life don’t end or get put on hold when you’re in a healthy relationship. Instead, you strive even harder towards achieving your goals, and if anything, when you’re in a healthy and happy relationship, it gives you more incentive to push yourself even harder. 

3. You Feel Optimistic

You become optimistic. 
Even if you started out as somewhat of a semi-optimistic person, you suddenly believe, feel hope, and inspiration to the point where you see the glass as being half full and plenty. You suddenly view the world as having so many beautiful opportunities, and you feel happy, zen, and content with where your life is going, and as far as your relationship goes. You start to see things in a positive manner. You feel hope, and you start viewing the positive things in your life, and appreciating all of them, including what you have, as opposed to what you lack. You start appreciating everything that you have, and you feel grateful for it, and for having such an amazing partner.  

4. You Smile More

If you’re not smiling enough in your relationship, then you’re likely not in a happy one. A healthy and happy relationship should make you feel better then you felt when you were single. You might’ve felt whole, but now you feel complete. You should feel happy and full of life for the most part, even though our lives consist of mere moments where we might experience unpleasant times or hardships. But all in all, you laugh more, you smile more, and you might even start glowing to the point where others will notice how happy you are. 

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