18 Ways To Know You’re Not Being Appreciated



There comes a point when we all get fed up. There’s that moment when we’ve had enough, where — my kindness should not be viewed as weakness, and nothing’s ever good enough, yada-yada-yada. When is that point for you? For me, feeling appreciated can make me accomplish more, thrive, put up big numbers if you know what I mean, and reach for the stars. When I’m applauded, given positive reinforcement, and basically when the good I do is acknowledged, noticed, and mentioned (once even), it makes me want to keep going, and even do a lot more and better.

Appreciation is huge in life, not just in relationships. When a waiter comes to your table and asks you how your meal is, you can be kind and appreciative or a total asshole. You can lift someone’s spirit, boost their ego, make them smile, laugh, or cheer them up, not even knowing the potentially bad day they’ve had or the many struggles that they may be going through in their life. And all you have to do is be kind and appreciative, and it can surely turn their day around. “Thank you for asking, the food is great! You did good, I really appreciate it!”

For me, I know myself very well. I know that a few things I need to feel happy are the following… I want to feel loved, I want someone to be proud of me, and I want to be appreciated. Sure I want much more, but staying on track, what do you need? Do you feel like you’re being appreciated enough? Are you appreciated by the people around you, at work, at home, your partner, family? As I said above, feeling appreciated can make someone want to accomplish everything, and conquer the world so-to-speak. Having said that, feeling unappreciated can destroy your spirit, your confidence, your enthusiasm, your determination, and the fire in you to keep going.

Here Are 18 Ways To Know You’re Not Being Appreciated

1. You were asked to do something, and you gave it 100% – and were not appreciated.

2. You did more, and perhaps much more than you were asked – and were not appreciated.

3. You tried your best, and you got good or great results – and were not appreciated.

4. You put your time, money, effort, love, dedication, and your beautiful, positive energy into those around you, – and were not appreciated.

5. You did something nice for someone – and were not appreciated.

6. You are the only one giving or putting time and effort into something or someone.

7. You keep giving and giving, without reciprocation, or even a mere thank you.

8. You did something you said you would do, but the other person or people didn’t keep their end of the bargain.

9. You are a giving person and tend to give a lot and without hesitance, but you never receive the same treatment.

10. You don’t receive thank yous, reciprocation, sweet gestures, or tokens of appreciation of any kind.

11. Not only you’re not applauded, but you’re also not thanked or shown that you are a valuable person (you are).

12. You were promised something, you did a good/great job, and you held up on your end, but again, no reciprocation on theirs. You trusted someone, but instead of them keeping their word or following through, you got demoted, fired, received a pay cut, got dumped, used, or mistreated.

13. You feel picked on. You only receive complaints and hear about what you’re doing wrong, instead of getting praised, positive reinforcement, or any sort of thank you, gratitude, or compliment.

14. You don’t get paid back when you lend out money or items.

15. You don’t get paid on time for work you did – on time.

16. You make time for people, you’re flexible, and understanding – but it’s one-sided.

17. Someone asks you for a lot of favours, but the one time you ask for something, they say no or make excuses.

18. Someone has to lose you in order to appreciate what they’ve lost.

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