Couple’s Living: Design Tricks That Both He and She Will Love



Even though there are so many women who prefer neutrals and so many men who prefer bold patterns and colors, we have to admit that they are in the minority. So, these design tips are mostly directed to couples who have very different aesthetics and can’t seem to find a middle ground when it comes to decorating their home. Luckily, there are a few tricks that will make both parties happy with the results.

Choose Neutral Colors for Your Walls

Bold and bright colors can look pretty amazing on your walls, but if one of you prefers a more minimalist vibe, this can be a problem. Instead, try this: Opt for more neutral walls like whites, creams or grays and introduce bold colors with decorative items. Think art, plants or decorative pillows. This way, both of you will have something to look forward to and the conflict will be averted. Plus, with small decoration, you can always switch things up and create new looks.

Add a Canopy to Your Bed

If you want to add interest to your bedroom, consider adding a canopy. However, don’t think the only way to incorporate this design feature into your space is with flowing drapes and floral materials. Today, there are perfectly
modern and bold canopies made of matte black steel or heavy wood that will create a perfect balance between masculine and feminine energy. Combine your stylish bed with some sleek linen and you’ll create a true couple’s heaven!

Pick a Good Rug

Every space needs a rug. It adds warmth, softness and noise insulation to space and makes it much more comfortable and pleasant for living. However, if you’re not on the same page about rugs, it can be quite hard to pick the right model. Luckily, today’s market is wonderful and so rich that there’s something for every situation. For instance, if your home is mostly neutral and pattern-free, you can pick
floor rugs that have interesting patterns to break the monotony. Your colors can still stay neutral, but the pattern will provide a nice focal point to your space that won’t break your minimalist vibe. Or, if you want to break the overly vintage aesthetics, you can choose a shag rug in a contemporary design and pattern that will add some modern flair to your space.

Mix Up Your Furniture

If you can’t agree on furniture shapes and materials, there’s still hope that you’ll come up with something both parties love. For instance, you can opt for a masculine furniture shape (think
Chesterfield sofa or a classic wingback chair), but choose a material that’s more feminine. Velvet in a rich jewel tone will fit the sofa shape perfectly and create a look both he and she love. Or, if you opt for a more feminine armchair, hold the red velvet and choose something traditionally masculine like black leather or something neutral like cotton.

Don’t Compromise Too Much

Compromise is often the key to happy living, but when it comes to design, it can bring a disaster. If you make too many compromises, you risk ending up with a space that both of you aren’t satisfied with. Instead, each of you should make a list of your individual wishes for space and make sure to include those priorities into your space as best as you can. This way, both of you will have your fave elements included and you’ll certainly love your new space. At this point, don’t be scared about what your partner will think about your wish to have a huge
ukiyo-e canvas in your living room or a bold accent chair in the bedroom—you might be surprised!

You can make your project either stressful or fun—it’s your choice. However, decorating is an activity that has the potential to provide you with something that both of you will love for many, many years. So, do your best to make it a fun process instead of a chore that will create tension.


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