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Falafel on Wheels is unlike any other food truck you’ve seen. The food is incredible and prepared and cooked fresh every day. The falafel recipe is all vegan and kosher. The taste is incredible and truly must be noted that once you’ve tried the falafel at Falafel on Wheels, you will return and crave it regularly. It is the best falafel I’ve had and I’m definitely not alone in saying so. In this article, I’m going to share some things about Falafel on Wheels and why it’s not only the best food truck in Encino (Los Angeles), but the best food in LA as well, and why you need to try it when living in or visiting Los Angeles.

The Best Falafel in Los Angeles


Falafel is served and sold at many places in LA and elsewhere. But anyone can tell the difference in taste from a good one to a great one and also a bad one. If you’re a falafel lover, I’m sure you’ve had some good and bad ones. Falafel on Wheels is crispy on the outside and soft and at the perfect heated temperature on the inside. Falafels have been served all over but the ones that are considered in poor taste are generally ones without good ingredients, without fresh ingredients, and they tend to taste dry or soft. Falafel on Wheels has quality ingredients, is always fresh, always delicious, and prepared to your liking.

Location of Falafel on Wheels


Falafel on Wheels is located in the Encino and Tarzana area which is in Los Angeles County. They park the food truck usually between two locations unless they are closed for Shabbat or doing an evening catering event. The locations that Falafel on Wheels parks at are at 5219 Newcastle Ave. in Encino and also just around the corner from there in front of BevMo on Ventura Blvd. you can’t miss it.

Catering Services Provided by Falafel on Wheels

Many have asked, does Falafel on Wheels do catering for events? Yes, indeed, they do. Falafel on Wheels caters for events and parties small and large on Sundays anytime. You can contact Ran for more information on catering to your specific needs and desires, etc.

Best Middle Eastern Food Truck Is Located in Encino, Near Tarzana, in Los Angeles County


Falafel on Wheels is top-rated and most loved Middle Eastern food and falafel in Los Angeles County, including Encino, Tarzana, and all of the San Fernando Valley. And to be honest, even falafels I’ve had in Israel can be quite delicious, but the falafels from Falafel on Wheels are unlike any other falafel I’ve tried.

Top Places To Eat in LA

The taste, quality, and freshness of falafel on Wheels are truly everything. Not to mention, the owner, Ran Bigelman, and his employees are so incredibly kind and sweet. For newcomers as well as regular customers, many times a sample of falafel balls and tahini sauce is offered to open up their appetite. At the end of the day, whether you’re eating at a sit-down restaurant or enjoying some delicious falafel in Encino at Falafel on Wheels, you eat where the food tastes great but also when you like the people who serve you the food. Kindness and smiles are everything.

Kosher and Vegan Falafel and Other Exquisite Middle Eastern Food Options


This falafel truck is well known for having the best kosher and vegan falafel in Los Angeles. But they are also known for some of their other yummy kosher food items. They recently added French fries to go along with a delicious falafel in pita sandwich or perhaps you’re more of a falafel salad type.

Falafel on Wheels has another sandwich they’re well known for called ”Sabich,” which is a pita filled up with fresh fried eggplant and eggs, as well as some tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, pickles, tahini, parsley, and a dash of salt. And it is mm mmm good! As a special, many customers enjoy adding some fried eggplant in their falafel sandwich as well (which many absolutely love that way). However, if you’re looking for something delicious and vegan, you will have to forgo the sabich sandwich. The regular falafel sandwich and salad are vegan.


Another amazing option on the menu is called Potato Cuties. Potato Cuties are unlike anything you’ve ever tried. Once you try them, you will feel so satisfied and blissful, I guarantee it. The taste is probably what you’d imagine the food tastes like up in Heaven. Potato Cuties are fried potato puff triangles that start out crispy and they basically bite you back with the incredible taste of the soft potato center. They are the newest menu item at the Falafel on Wheels food truck. A must-try for sure. The only thing you need to tell them is regular, spicy, or smothered if you like extra tahini sauce.



Falafel on Wheels is open every Monday through Thursday from 11:00 am until 5:45 pm and on Friday they open from 11:00 am until 3:30 pm. Check them out if you’re looking to have an enjoyable meal that will leave you completely satisfied whether for lunch, a midday snack, or dinner. Check out their Instagram: @falafel_on_wheels to see some of their amazing food and see for yourself!

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