4 Ways to Give Yourself a Gift This Holiday Season



The time has come to think about dear people in your life. During this wonderful time of the year, people express their gratitude by giving gifts. The most important person in your life deserves a gift, too. You should also give a gift to yourself because you are proud of your accomplishments. It is time to indulge in some guilt-free treats that will boost your spirit, happiness, and confidence.

1. A New Work-Mug


We all start our workday with a hot drink, whether it’s coffee or an herbal tea. Simply, if a day starts without one, surely something won’t go as planned. Coffee in the morning is like a motivational fuel your body needs to start the day right. So, pick a new mug you’ll take to the office. You can take it with you after New Year’s to the office. This way you’ll get a chance to start with your work responsibilities right.

Pick some interesting quotes or something else that makes a statement. It can even be something motivational, too. Once your gaze drops to your mug, right before taking that amazing sip of coffee, you’ll smile or remember the reason why you persevere and push through your limits. This works as a great gift for office Secret Santa, too.

2. Some At-Home Spa Indulgence for the Best Stress Relief

The best way to give yourself some stress relief is when you can do a certain activity in the comfort of your home. A sweet at-home spa indulgence, while some soothing music is playing in the background, is a gift your body won’t refuse. Start by running yourself some bubble bath. Aim to spend at least 30 minutes relaxing in the hot water. Afterward, do some skin brushing to remove dead skin cells and also exfoliate your face. The steam has opened up your pores, so you should use this to start the first step of a beauty routine.

Put on a face hydrating mask and while it sits, moisturize the rest of your body with body milk. Don’t forget to hydrate your feet with proper cream, as well. Remove excess face mask or just dab it in with your fingers. Add a few drops of antiaging serum and you are ready to enjoy the rest of your stress-free night.

3. Perk Up Your Confidence Level


In layman’s terms, self-confidence is something that tells a person how much you appreciate and like yourself. It is a powerful trait that basically motivates you to work on your goals, face challenges and push through them and thrive in any area of life. For an instant boost of confidence, switch up your hair a bit. Just switch from your comfortable and usual hairdo to something different that will push you to change your behavior.
The best hairdressers in Melbourne or anywhere else in the world will give you a few suggestions that work for your face shape or current hair length.

Have a one on one class with a makeup artist so you can learn how to accentuate your features, and cover up the things you are not so confident about. Review your wardrobe and donate everything that does not work anymore or is simply worn out. When people are happy with their reflection in the mirror, their confidence levels soar. 

Also, work on your attitude, too. Try to be as positive as you can, because negative thinking may affect your confidence. Improve your outlook on things and it will show on the way you carry yourself. 

4. Expand Your Reading List

Reading is a way to invest in yourself and always profit from their knowledge. This holiday season, expand your reading list with something that will expand your expertise in line of work. Learning new skills and attaining knowledge is always a good choice because it will differentiate you from others. Next, pick a personal development book that can help you start thinking differently.

Many people shy away from this genre, but it should be the opposite. No one is perfect, neither one should strive to be. But, a personal development book can help you find your triggers and learn how to adapt your response. It can build your confidence and help you find your purpose. Lastly, find a great work of fiction that will spark your imagination and be a time well spent.

The holiday season is all about giving to those close to our hearts. But, it is also the time to self-reflect and indulge in a treat or few that will warm our own hearts. Indulging yourself is never too time-consuming, so make sure to use our tips to give yourself some TLC.

Mianna Korben

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