4 Ways to Stay Cool During Outdoor Parties This Summer



If you love to host parties, summer is the perfect season. The bright sun and warm weather put your guests in the mood to celebrate, for any reason. When the temperatures rise, however, you need to do more than host a great gathering — you also need to keep your guests (and yourself) cool. Here are four great ways to stay cool during outdoor parties.

1. Sip Plenty of Water

When you’re partying outside, hydration is key — when you’re drinking enough water, your body can cool itself more effectively. If you’re drinking soda or alcohol during a party, however, you can get dehydrated quickly. To help, make plenty of cool water available. And then, if you still want to impress your guests while hydrating them, you should consider getting a large water dispenser and adding some citrus or cucumber for an extra touch. As the host, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated yourself; try drinking a glass of water for each cocktail, or ask a family member to remind you. You’ll feel better, and you’ll be a better host.

2. Set Up Outdoor AC

If you’ve ever walked into an air-conditioned building on a hot day, you know that the cool air is a lifesaver for hot skin. You can recreate this effect at parties. One option is to rent a misting machine; for a more budget-friendly option, fill a bucket of ice. Then, put an oscillating fan behind it. As the air passes over the ice, it cools and refreshes your guests. For extra effect, place several ice/fan stations around your party area. You can even buy individual hand-held fans for each of your guests. It can be a great party favor in some instances as well.

3. Choose the Coolest Location

One of the easiest ways to stay comfortable at an outdoor party is to pick the coolest location. A shaded area, such as a porch or a spot under the trees, is a great place to start. Don’t have shade? Look for surfaces that tend to stay cool. For a natural vibe, the grass is great; alternatively, stick to solid surfaces such as sandstone, which absorbs heat slowly and feels cool underfoot. A breeze also helps, so look for spots with great airflow. You can also invest in some shades or large umbrellas. If you are the type of person who loves to entertain guests, consider building deck or patio covers to ensure you will always have shade for parties.

4. Move Cooking Stations Out of the Party Area

At any gathering, guests love to congregate around the cooking area. During the summer, this makes everyone even hotter. To help your guests stay cool, cook the food in a separate place. An out-of-sight location is best. That way, guests aren’t tempted to chat, and you can get the food cooked and get back to the party to keep yourself cool.

Summer parties are more fun when everyone is cool. With these tips, you can host a refreshing party, even in the heat. If you love to embrace being outside during the summer, you don’t need to compromise that because of the heat.


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