4 Ways to Support Small Businesses While Christmas Shopping This Year



If you are looking for ways to support small businesses while Christmas shopping this year, there are plenty of ideas that don’t end with spending your money on their services or products. In fact, different
types of support can actually mean a lot more to a business around the holidays than a simple purchase. This year support small businesses in a way that has a lasting effect and can lead to long term success.

1. Social Media Engagement

One of the easiest ways to support small businesses while Christmas shopping this year is to engage with the brand’s social media accounts. Sharing, commenting and liking posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all easy and effective ways to spread the word about a business and introduce the business to your own followers and friends. This costs you nothing and takes but a minute of your time, and the best part is it is a way to help a business that you might not be able to patronize but still want to support.

2. Recommendations

If you have patronized a small business, you can show support by recommending them to not just friends, but the general public. Small brands like
Nakoa rely on reviews from past customers to introduce them to shoppers and encourage them to shop with them. Honest and regular reviews can be what a new business needs to build shopper’s confidence and trust in them. Use social and business reviews sites such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others to review any small business that you have patronized recently. You can also directly talk to your family and friends about any new local businesses you find or hear about. 

3. Support Events

Communities all over the globe organize local events and festivals, and every one of those events requires sponsors or the help of local businesses. By organizing or supporting these events, sometimes simply by showing up, you can support small businesses. Pay attention to those local events, participate in them, organize one of your own with the help of your club, church, school, or other local organization. Consider visiting one of these markets full of local vendors for Christmas gift shopping for everyone on your list. 

4. Purchase

In addition to supporting a small business in these ways, your dollars are the most obvious way to do so. If you have already made a purchase for yourself from the business, further support small businesses while Christmas shopping this year by gifting friends and family with gifts from the business. The additional purchases not only support the business financially but can help by creating long term customers that fall in love with or enjoy their gift. Friends and family will no doubt appreciate the locally produced, thoughtful gift that you give them.

Christmas can be a very busy time of the year for many small and local businesses. Entrepreneurs often work long hours and make sacrifices to provide for their customers. Show your support for them this Christmas season by remembering the above 4 tips. 


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