How to Support a Loved One Dealing With Addiction During Quarantine



According to reports, patients recovering from drug and alcohol addiction are facing relapse possibilities during this self-isolation period. It comes at a time when boredom is at its peak and can easily trigger a relapse into alcohol and drug use. If you have a loved one who has been struggling to break the chains of addiction, especially during quarantine, you might want to check out some of these insightful tips that may help them stay strong.

Check Up on Them Regularly

If your loved one is still at the rehab center, chances are you cannot see them physically due to the measures stipulated in a bid to curb the pandemic. Consider calling them via the rehab’s call center regularly to check on them. You could also request for FaceTime and video call sessions to let them know that you still care about them. If the patient lives at home, take some time to catch up over dinner, and kill the silence that could trigger bad thoughts and a relapse. If they are living alone during this time, it will become especially important for them to know they still have support. Check in on them to make sure they are staying on the right track. 

Enroll Them for Virtual Group Therapy Sessions

New regulations have discouraged gatherings and meetings to avoid further spread of the Coronavirus.
Telehealth Addiction Treatment believes that therapy sessions are an integral part of the addiction treatment process. For this reason, some professionals and rehab facilities have organized virtual group meetings where recovering patients are given a chance to continue with their therapy sessions through online forums. Group therapy sessions help maintain sanity and allow socialization while maintaining safety.

Trying New Stuff With Them

Kicking boredom is the new task during quarantine periods. Involve your loved one in finding new things to do and avoid driving them towards the relapse road. If they are in isolation far from you, consider sending them board games, books, and other resources that can keep them busy. If you live with them, ask them to help you cook a new meal, play new and exciting games with them, go to the garden together, or even embark on DIY home renovation activities. Giving them something to look forward to may help their mental state and prevent a relapse. 

Eradicate Enabling Factors

Quarantine means you have time to bond with your loved ones. It also gives you time to support them through the sobriety journey.
Communicate with your loved one on how they would like you to support them. Eliminate all enabling factors such as the availability of the drugs and alcohol in your home to help them stay on track with the recovery process. 

It’s a difficult time for most people, especially those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Nonetheless, these above-discussed tips will help you understand better on how to support your loved one during the quarantine period. Take advantage of this time with your loved one and use it to build a closer relationship and support system.


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