4 Weekend Trips That Are Perfect for Fall



You don’t have to wait for summer or winter to enjoy a well-deserved getaway. Fall weekend trips are in a category of their own, and there is a chance that you will enjoy them as well. Think about it. Low prices and small crowds can make a vacation more enjoyable. Let go of the conventional and embrace the following spots to celebrate the season.

1. Check Out Leavenworth

If you love refreshing drinks and delicious, fine cuisine, you definitely have to explore the town of Leavenworth. It’s located in Washington, the place is home to the enchanting Bavarian architecture and the
wondrous Cascade mountains. During the fall, you will have the chance to take part in Oktoberfest and taste different kinds of beer. Once you have tasted in the various liquors available, you will have the opportunity to pump your adrenaline by experiencing the thrill of whitewater rafting. You don’t have to completely cut out the option of making an outdoor trip during fall. Take advantage of the fall leaves and scenery during this time. 

2. Take a Trip to Sedona

Most people say there’s something mystical about Sedona, and they are right. This popular spot found 116 miles or about two hours north of Phoenix, boasts spectacular red rock formations and lush vegetation that entice every visitor. Fall is an especially attractive time for visiting this city as the temperatures are much milder than in summer. It can be a great getaway when you need some extra sunshine. Whether you are interested in an adventurous weekend hiking, kayaking, or relaxing at a spa, Sedona has what you need.

3. Pay a visit to the Niagara Falls

There is no denying that visiting Niagara Falls is amazing throughout the entire year. However, fall allows you to immerse yourself in the experience without the endless crowds of summer or the chilling breeze of winter. The color of the foliage provides the perfect contrast with the majestic mist that sprays and permeates the entire region. Visiting Niagara Falls is something on a lot of peoples’ bucket lists, so make the leap and plan a trip this fall. 

4. Admire Nature at the Watkins Glen State Park

New York is home to an often overlooked but nonetheless breathtaking wonder: Watkins Glen State Park. With 19 staggering waterfalls, beautiful cliffs, abundant foliage, and a museum, the park is ideal for a weekend trip. The mild temperatures, small crowds, and orange foliage add a unique touch that can only be appreciated during fall.

As you can see, taking a fall weekend trip has its advantages. There are many spots available to enjoy, the lines are shorter, and having a good time without breaking the bank is possible. Fascinating towns, villages, parks, and even a
blackbuck antelope hunting ranch are options you can use to have a good time. Don’t think you can only take a relaxing vacation during the summer; fall is a great time for travel too. Give it a chance, and you will see this overlooked season has everything you have been looking for.


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