Bathroom Renovation: How to Do It With Style



There are so many reasons to do a bathroom renovation within your home. For instance, you might want to add another bathroom or expand an already existing one. You could also prepare it for a visitor or an inhabitant with special needs, in order to improve their lifestyle within your homestead. Then, you can make an investment into their utility, fix a plumbing problem or make your bathroom eco-friendlier. If there are any current plumbing issues or if your bathroom to be old and just falling apart, you can make a massive stride into its improvement. Still, doing all of this in style and in agreement with your aspirations and budget are not easy. Here are a couple of tips that you might find handy.

The Lighting System

The question of lighting is one of those that are the most pressing when it comes to your bathroom renovation. In order to make the place eco-friendlier, all you have to do is go for LED, which gives you a far
better watt-to-lumen ratio in comparison to the traditional (incandescent) solution. Nonetheless, this leaves the question of functionality of your bathroom that needs to be addressed as urgently as possible.

Generally speaking, going for layer lighting is your safest course of action for many different reasons. First of all, a bathroom is a place of rest and relaxation, which is why your main light source needs to be dimmable in order for you to be able to set the mood. However, a bathroom is also a place where you shave, apply makeup and tend to your personal hygiene in many different forms. These forms require precision and, above all, high visibility. Those that have a vanity in their bathroom might want to consider outfitting it with the right lighting fixtures and scheme.

A Professional Design

When talking about introducing some style to your bathroom, this is often best left to professionals. However, with some strategy, willingness to do your research and the right supplier of bathroom fixtures/appliances, you can truly do wonders. In order for this to work, you first need to get your hands on some reliable learning material. There are magazines that specialize in the latest trends when it comes to bathroom décor but you can also go to websites of specialists in order to study methods that they’re, at least visually, using. 

From this point, what you need is a trusted supplier like
Acqua Bathrooms, where you can make online orders of bathtubs, vanities, toilet suites and other elements that you deem necessary for your design. Remember that while some ideas may look good on paper, you still have a limited budget. By being able to consult a specialized retailer of bathroom accessories, you’ll have a method of checking how these ideas fit within your budget. Also, some retailers offer free delivery for items under a certain weight threshold (let’s say 20 kg), which is definitely something that you need to take into consideration.

Improved Storage

The issue of storage is one of the first questions that you need to address. In general, the efficiency of storage is determined by two criterions. First, it has to be in the safe spot and second, it needs to be easily accessible. The more frequently you use the item, the closer by it has to be. The biggest problem that arises from achieving this in a bathroom lies in the fact that it’s often the tiniest room within your home, which means that you might lack the space to fit all the items you need within the room. Still, by being just a bit craftier, there’s so much that you can achieve.

First of all, what you want to go for is a strategic plan where you get to keep all the electric appliances, like hairdryer away from water sources. Second, if you have kids, you need to ensure that the fixtures like faucet and sink are accessible to them but just so that they can’t reach the cabinet with sharp objects and your bathroom medicine. In order to get the most out of the space that you currently think you have, you might want to consider mounting racks and even installing above-head shelves. 

Add Some Greenery

One of the best ways to make your bathroom into a proper indoor oasis is to add some greenery, however, you need to be quite careful when it comes to the choice of plants, as well as their location. First of all, in your bathroom, there’s a predominantly humid atmosphere that will benefit some plants like Aloe Vera and Spider Plant. Keep in mind that these plants tend to purify the air within the room, which is something that may greatly assist your ventilation system. 

Nonetheless, keep in mind to keep these plants away from major water fixtures like faucets and showerheads. What you want is for the moisture to accumulate on their leaves passively, instead of having them under the direct flow. Why? Well, first of all, because it will wash off the soil in the planters or make your plants drown in water. This only improves the pace at which the roots rot and the plant as a whole decay. One more outside of the box idea is to
add a moss mat. The way in which these shrubbery-mat works is that it feeds on the water that drips from your body as you step out of the shower. In other words, it’s an interesting and unique addition to your bathroom.

A Tub or a Shower

The last major question that you have to address is the issue of whether you should invest in a tub or a shower within your bathroom, which is often a choice that’s difficult to make. On the one hand, showers spend less water (especially if you go for a low-flow fixture) and they’re far more efficient and hygienic. Aside from this, they take less time, which makes them more pragmatic for a post-workout shower, as well as a pre-work routine. As well, they’re one of the best ways for you to wake up early in the morning and,
if used properly, they can provide you with so much utility. As of lately, even showering intermittently with hot and cold water within the same session has turned out to be quite beneficial for your health.

As for the tub, this is the ultimate investment in your pleasure, enjoyment, and leisure. Bathtub sessions can help you recharge your batteries and truly get the oasis experience that we’ve briefly mentioned in one of the previous sections. Fortunately, when it comes to some of the latest trends, it seems as if you don’t have to choose, to begin with. A tub installed in a shower cabin is getting a more and more popular option with each passing year. Sure, it’s a high-end solution and, as such, a hefty investment but it’s also a one-time investment that you’ll get to benefit from on a daily basis. This alone would be a reason enough for you to consider it.

At the end of the day, when it comes to bathroom renovation there’s so much for you to do in order to bring a new life to the most functional room within your home. Still, all of this is futile if you don’t check your plumbing and put the functionality of the bathroom at the top of your list of priorities. Once you have this out of the way, you’ll be on the right track to renovate your bathroom with style.


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