5 Anniversary Getaway Ideas That Won’t Put You in Debt



When your anniversary comes around, it’s a good idea to get away with your spouse to keep things interesting. However, you don’t want to break the bank just to getaway. Here are 5 anniversary vacation ideas that won’t put you in debt.

The point behind an anniversary getaway should not just be to spend as much money as you can. There is nothing wrong with a luxurious vacation if you can afford it. However, many people feel the pressure to get into debt in order to prove their commitment or love. There is a sense of social pressure to keep up with the Joneses when it comes to big anniversaries. However, your relationship should have nothing to do with appearances. If adding extra financial strain to your relationship is going to weaken instead of strengthening it then remember that there the success of your marriage is not measured in how many miles are traveled for you to sightsee, but in the moments you get to spend with the person you love.

These are some great examples of anniversary ideas that will have great sights, food, travel, and can be done with some creative financial planning to save money for other important projects like your kids, paying off debts, and other big buys you want to have together. Life is a journey that will take you through ups and downs. Let these stateside vacation ideas help you get out of the everyday rut and explore new food and sights in a romantic getaway together.

1. Miami

Miami gives you the opportunity to enjoy beautiful tropical beaches close to home. Look for a nice Airbnb to enjoy with your significant other. During the day, you can play at the beach. At night, you can enjoy dinner and maybe even a club. Since the weather is not nice, you won’t wear much. You won’t even need luggage tags.

2. City Getaway

Many people who live in or near a large city forget to take time out and enjoy the city as a tourist. They become numb to the amazing things their city has to offer. Take a weekend to enjoy your city as visitors. Eat food the city is famous for and visit some of the special monuments. You can even get a nice hotel for the night to have some alone time away from the kids. You won’t even have to pay for a flight since you’re near home.

3. Camping

Perfect for the active couple who enjoys the outdoors, camping gives you the chance to reconnect underneath the stars. You can bond with nature at the same time. Go for hikes during the day and roast s’ mores at night. When the wine is gone, you can go into the tent to spend some more quality time together. You can also look for some special adventures that the two of you can share, such as zip-lining or white water rafting.

4. Lake Tahoe

There’s something peaceful and romantic about Lake Tahoe. It’s the perfect place for the couple who likes to relax and quietly enjoy each other. The weather is great, so you may spend some time at the lake and then have a nice dinner.

5. Montana

Pretend that you and your significant other are cowboys in the wild west by going to Montana. You’ll see beautiful sites as well as plenty of wild animals. You’ll be able to ride horses and enjoy the natural hot springs in the area. If you find rodeos romantic, this would be the best trip for you. You can keep the cost down by renting an RV or camping. There are plenty of hotels, though. as well.

Remember to plan ahead for whatever adventure you have. You will have the most stress-free time if you plan for flights accordingly. Off-season airline tickets can help you go somewhere new for a fraction of the cost.  Label your luggage with a laser engraved luggage tag with your contact information. Make sure you have the essentials in your carry-on in case the airline misplaces your luggage. Plan on babysitting with someone you trust. Tell your kids they get their own vacation by planning fun activities like pizza nights and letting them Redbox a movie. They won’t miss you as much If they are preoccupied with having sleepovers with cousins and having a great time.

Whatever you end up doing for your anniversary, remember to take time to soak up the present and look at how much adversity you’ve overcome to become the strong couple you are today. Congratulations! Here is to many more years to come.


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