5 Chic Ideas to Add Tropical Colors Into Your Home



Most people can’t afford to visit a tropical island whenever they want. However, if you use the right colors, décor, and accessories, you can bring the tropical atmosphere to you. It can make your home feel more calming, warm, and interesting, which is bound to lift up the spirits of everybody who lives in it or comes for a visit. So, if you like the idea of turning your home into a tropical paradise, here are five ways to do that.

Use your experience

Most people have probably had at least one vacation that made them feel relaxed and energized. Therefore, I’d highly suggest thinking about evoking those feelings again. Use the colors that you remember seeing, 
plants that were in the environment, décor that reminds you of the landscapes, etc. You can also use photographs from that vacation, so you can freshen up your memories and emphasize the kind of atmosphere you want to achieve.


Don’t be afraid to go bold

Tropical colors are very often vibrant and bright, so don’t be afraid of going bold if it’s going to help you achieve the desired effect. For instance, you can get wallpapers or wall murals that depict some kind of tropical scene, and you can use the main color from the mural for the other walls. This would create harmony rather than chaos, and you’d have a good base for decorating.

Moreover, just as you can go bold and vibrant, you can also opt for softer tropical colors. By using colors such as sky blue, turquoise, butter yellow, and sage green, you can create a subtler tropical atmosphere that will still warm up your home.

Try maximalist style

When it comes to tropical gardens, you can’t really limit the amount of color and plants. So, consider incorporating this part into your home as well by introducing more greenery and textures. For example, nothing says tropical island better than a couple of palms. Moreover, you can use your curtains, tablecloths, and pillows to add more textures and patterns to your home resort. Of course, this doesn’t mean you are free to create clutter – the maximalist style should still be well organized, just slightly more energetic and detailed.


You can accomplish the same thing with a minimalist style as well; all you need to do is introduce more accessories in tropical colors that would make you feel like you’re on vacation. However, if you’re not sure how you should design your home, there are many 
beautiful project homes in Sydney that might inspire you.

More green and blue

If you want to create a calm and relaxing scene (in your bedroom, for example), green is the perfect color for that. You can balance it out with natural wood and grey shades, which can serve as accent colors to break up the one-color monotony. Of course, big plants and other tropical accessories are also welcome. You can hang a huge picture that shows a tropical scene, or you can use bamboo shades for a touch of nature.


Furthermore, blue also looks amazing when paired with plants, wood details, and neutrals. You can use it to 
create a stunning coastal scene, and you can also pair it with green if you want your home to look like a refreshing tropical jungle.

Bring it to life

You can’t have a tropical atmosphere without animals, and they are a perfect way to add some color as well. You can install a big, calming aquarium in your bedroom or study, or you can get a couple of parakeets and enjoy the sounds of nature all day. If you can’t afford to take care of real animals, you can always include them in your wall décor or hang a few nice pictures of animals in exotic frames to fit the theme.

Since most of us can’t abandon our obligations and enjoy a long vacation in a tropical paradise whenever we feel stressed out, turning your own home into a resort is the next best thing you can do. So, be bold with colors, introduce a lot of greenery, bring it to life with animals, and you will feel much more relaxed every time you enter your home.

Amy Mia Goldsmith

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