Personal Hygiene: 11 Tips for Better Personal Care



Good hygiene is the first and the most important step to better health. Even though some of those habits may seem monotonous and boring, they are super important because they are protecting you against all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and illnesses. With that being said, here are the 11 most important personal hygiene tips you should follow every single day.

1. Cleanse

It is a known fact that our body produces natural oils that are protecting us against infections, so excessive washing combined with harsh cleansers can strip away our skin’s protective barrier which leaves us more vulnerable to infections that later cause odor and discomfort.

In other words, make sure you use gentle soaps with simple ingredients. A good idea would be to also go with natural remedies from time to time such as honey, for example – which can be a great cleanser.

2. Ears

After you have a bath, use cotton buds to gently cleanse your ears, as it helps avoid ear skin irritation and offers protection against infections. However, don’t dig too deeply because it can affect your ear functions. And if you have a strong ear wax problem, clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide.

3. Menstrual Care

You are, like all of us, probably feeling super dirty during and after your menstruation. However, that doesn’t mean you should run to the store and get a vaginal douche the moment it is over. According to experts, our body is programmed to take care of menstrual needs on its own, and a douche will force bacteria and debris up into your reproductive tract, which will lead to pelvic inflammation. Also, avoid tampons and scented pads.

4. Clothing

Wear clothes that allow airflow so secretions can evaporate. If there is no airflow, fungi and bacteria will spread much faster. And instead of wearing tight garments, go with comfortable materials such as cotton, especially when it comes to underwear. Also, change clothes after exercising or generally doing anything that will make you sweat. Wash your underwear and dirty socks every day, and do not put dirty and sweaty clothes back into the closet.

5. Teeth

A fresh breath is an important part of your overall hygiene and appearance, so you have to take care of your dental health daily. Brush your teeth at least twice a day – including tongue cleaning and flossing every night before bed. Also, have the “if it can stain your white tee it can stain your teeth” rule in mind, and brush your teeth after red wine, coffee, etc. to keep them white and pretty.

6. Shower

Of course, showering is one of the most important parts of our hygiene, but it is not necessary to shampoo every day because, again, it washes away all the natural oils that are here to protect our skin.

7. Down Under

A quick solution would be baby wipes, but a better idea would be to consider equipping your toilets with bidet seats so you can clean the area thoroughly and fast. Avoid harsh soaps.

8. Makeup

Makeup is pretty, but it is not that healthy, so don’t ever be lazy about it and always take it off after you’re done ‘wearing’ it. Also, make sure you clean your makeup brushes daily with makeup washers or soaps to prevent bacteria.

9. Nails

Keep your nails trimmed – fingernails rounded at the top, and toenails straight across. Trim them weekly and brush them with soap at least 3 times a week to release the residue remaining beneath.

10. Hair

Wash your hair regularly, but not every day because it will start getting greasy faster. In addition, keep your armpits, legs, and pubic area neat and moisturize after shaving or waxing.

11. Odor

Wear deodorants with alcohol and antiperspirant to prevent underarm odor. If your shoes smell, wash them and put baking soda in them to prevent further smelling. And finally, if you have problems with vaginal odor, it can be a sign of bacterial vaginosis so make sure you check that out.

And that would be it. Make sure you follow these easy tips to maintain your hygiene and stay fresh all day long, as well as to protect yourself from all kinds of infections.


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