5 Florida Activities for Adrenaline Seeking Teenagers



While Florida certainly has no shortage of attractions and destinations to choose from, finding activities for more adventurous teens can be an important concern. From extreme sports like skydiving and parasailing to touring the everglades by air-boat, even adrenaline-seeking teenagers should have no trouble finding the right activity.

1. Skydiving

Skydiving is certainly a rush but you might also be surprised at just how easy it is to arrange the first jump. Novice skydivers can typically arrange a jump on very short notice and are not required to purchase any equipment on their own. While skydiving may seem dangerous, the sport itself is actually quite safe.

Since teenagers are underage they will need to have a parent or guardian present. However, this shouldn’t be an issue for a thrill-seeking family. This can be a great family activity when your youngest kids are older. You should do this if you are the type of family that likes to go backpacking for a week, kayaking, or snowboards together.

2. Bungee Jumping

Teens who like skydiving may also want to give bungee jumping a try. A far more casual experience, a bungee jump requires less equipment and far less instruction than skydiving but can be just as exciting. Arranging a jump is a great way to ensure that your teen is able to make the most of your upcoming vacation, trip or holiday.

Many teens grow up asking their parents’ permission to bungee jump or do an extreme activity. You may be able to tell them that they can do it when they turn 18 or when they graduate from High School.

3. Day Hunts

For sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts, planning a day hunt can be the ideal option. Planning a visit to a blackbuck antelope hunting ranch can be a welcome addition to your itinerary, especially for teens who love a good hunt. While less extreme than skydiving or bungee jumping, a hunting expedition can still make for an exciting outing. If your family is used to hunting in your home town then going to a hunting ranch can be an experience you can do together.

4. Touring the Everglades

Getting out on the everglades using an airboat is a unique way to experience Florida. Airboats can get up to a pretty impressive speed and the experience is sure to be a memorable one for your adrenaline-seeking teen. Exploring the natural environment and getting a chance to see the local wildlife up close and personal can be a whole lot of fun.

5. Parasailing

Bordered by both the Gulf and the Atlantic, Florida has no shortage of beeches. For teens that may be less than impressed by deep-sea fishing, parasailing may provide a welcome alternative. With plenty of charters and service providers, making your parasailing arrangements requires hardly any effort at all.

Planning the perfect vacation is all about finding options for each individual family member. For teens who are easily bored or who may be seeking a bit of excitement on the trip, finding just the right activity can be an important concern. From hunting trips to touring the Everglades, Florida has plenty of activities that are ideally suited for adrenaline-seeking teenagers.


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