Exciting Date Ideas for the Adventurous Couple



Exciting and dangerous activities release adrenaline into the bloodstream, which can increase your energy and focus. Doing something with your significant other for the adrenaline rush can strengthen your bond by creating memories, creating an influx of hormones, and helping you spend quality time together.  Whether it’s a first date or an anniversary, that burst of excitement can bring the two of you closer together. If you want to add some adventure to your relationship, try these exciting date ideas for the adventurous couple.

Go White Water Rafting

Submit yourself to the mercy of the currents by taking a raft on river rapids in some of the most beautiful places throughout the country. Excursions increase in intensity from a gentle Class 1 to an expert Class VI. It’s best to pick an appropriate level for your journey. As the two of you gain more experience, you can try harder courses together. Be sure to wear all required protective equipment and only go on designated routes to remain safe while white water rafting.

Ride ATVs

If you don’t mind getting dirty, kick up the dirt together with some four-wheeling. This kind of data is very versatile. For example, you might ride together, or you can race each other in your own ATVs. You can go out for just a few hours, or turn it into a full day.

If you’re riding your own ATVs, you’ll need the right ATV accessories to stay safe. This includes a helmet and pair of goggles for each of you. It also means making sure your ATV maintenance is completely up to date.

If you’re renting ATVs, the rental company will make sure you have everything you need before you set out.

Go Skydiving


If you’re looking for a memorable experience that is sure to have you screaming in simultaneous joy and fear, skydiving can provide just the right thrill for you and your date. While you must skydive with a trained professional your first couple of trips, if you go often enough, you can get enough training to jump as a couple. Skydiving is usually quite safe, with multiple safety precautions to assist in the case of an emergency.

Try Mountain Biking

Tackle magnanimous mountains by riding mountain bikes on scenic trails. Most trails will have a difficulty rating, and taking on too much can lead to injury, so start gradually and build up to more challenging trails as a couple. Be ready to push hard when you need to trek uphill and ride carefully when you finally make your way back down.

Watch a Horror Movie

For the relaxed duo who prefer to stay at home, you can still get a bit of a thrill by watching a horror movie. For an experience that truly gets the heart racing, set the scene by going to the theater or by lighting candles and dimming the lights. You also have an excuse to cuddle under the blankets when things get especially scary.

It’s good for couples to share memorable experiences together. These memories help build your bond and help you maintain your relationship when struggles come. If you are an adventurous couple or a couple who wants to add more adventure into the relationship, these date ideas can kickstart your engine.


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