5 Items in Your Home You Should Keep in a Safe



Valuable belongings need to be kept safe from would-be thieves and unexpected events like a house fire. One single fire or thief could cost you hundreds of dollars or more, and valuables like a camera or a smartphone can contain data no one needs access to but you. This is why some of your belongings should be kept in a safe rather than being in the open to be stolen or destroyed. The following are five items to keep in a safe.

1. Birth Certificate 

Replacing your birth certificate can be a hard thing to do so it is best to keep it secure from harm in a safe. It is needed for obtaining items such as a driver’s license or if you have to replace your social security card. Make sure you always know where your original birth certificate is in case you need it for an application. 

2. Your Camera

While not all cameras are expensive, if you are a professional photographer or videographer then you likely own an expensive camera. Having it damaged or stolen could cost you a lot of money. Therefore, you should keep it in a safe to protect it when not in use. Also, your memory card probably has images or videos on it you would not want to lose. Even if you aren’t a professional photographer, you will want to keep your photos safe. 

3. Guns

Guns are not only expensive but there is also danger involved in guns. Not everyone needs access to them, even people who have no desire to steal them. You especially want to keep guns away from children therefore having a gun safe, such as one from Champion Safes, is unquestionably a necessity. If you only own a handgun, a small safe will work fine. Make sure your gun safe is in a spot that is convenient to get to in case of an emergency but is also hidden. You don’t want your kids to know where the gun safe is in case they are able to figure out how to unlock it. 

4. Medication

Your medication can also be harmful if another accesses it or your pet(s). If you take insulin shots, you will without question need them in a secure location for your own well-being. Also, pain medication can be something a thief might go for if he is addicted to drugs which means it is best to keep your medication locked in a safe. Even though they will be in a safe, you will still want your medications in an easy-to-access and convenient location if you take them daily. 

5. Jewelry

Jewelry can also be eye-catching to a thief, especially gold jewelry, and jewelry with precious stones (i.e. diamond rings). Therefore, storing it in a safe can prevent you from losing your valuable jewelry.

In conclusion, this article will have helped you to know five things that need to be kept in a safe. Make sure you take a look around your home and see what valuable or dangerous items of yours need some extra protection. 


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