5 Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas To Try On Your Special Day



Do you want to throw a wedding that will stand out from the countless others that you have attended over the years? It seems these days that all weddings are too similar and couples are simply trying to outdo one another when it comes to such traditional fare. Why not dare to be different by having a non-traditional ceremony and reception that your loved ones will always remember? Listed down below are a few choice ideas for an original wedding that you can try on your special day.

1. Fill your Day with Adventure

Do you and your spouse-to-be have a love of activities that get your adrenaline pumping? Then you should incorporate that sense of adventure into your wedding to sweep your guests off their collective feet. For example, you could cross through bumpy terrain in a cavalcade of jeeps, bungee jump off a cliff as you say your vows, or simply celebrate your big day deep in the woods surrounded by nature.

2. Surprise your Friends and Family

If you are not a fan of the hustle and bustle that goes into planning a traditional wedding, this may be a better option for you. If you are a spontaneous couple, try planning an engagement party, or another semi-formal event, where you can invite those that truly mean the most to both of you. This will actually turn out to be your surprise, low-key wedding celebration.

3. Act as Though you are at a Festival

Do you enjoy art and music festivals? So do many artsy brides and bohemian grooms and they would love to share that fun experience with those that they love on their special day. The laid-back atmosphere that this set-up provides is comfortable and relaxed rather than uptight and formal. Just think of how “groovy” it would be to include live music, face painting, and glow sticks!

4. Splash into a Poolside Party

Imagine having a gorgeous summer destination wedding at a location that many only dreams of seeing. This is the perfect way to celebrate in the sun while enjoying a fun party vibe that can last well into the evening. Poolside photos also make perfect memories for you and your future spouse rather than posed stills in suits and gowns.

5. Say Your Vows Over Sunday Brunch

This is actually a hot trend right now. Gather up a plate of fresh fruit and waffles and pour yourself a mimosa and you can get down to the business of celebrating your union without all the fuss and preparations. You can even dress up your table with the likes of finger foods, scones, and lobster, if you prefer, by hiring a caterer in the know, like Sound View Caterers.

There are many different ways that you can celebrate your special day that does not conform to the masses. What is most important is that you are both happy and that you get to share your happiness with those that you love. Remember the tips listed above and you and your special other will have a day to remember.

Brooke Chaplan

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