Anniversary Celebrations: 4 Ways To Make Your Party That Much Better



Wedding anniversaries are an incredible way to celebrate the years you’ve dedicated to your partner. They are an amazing opportunity to spend time with friends and family alike. It is easy to create a memorable, unique wedding anniversary by following a few simple guidelines.

1. Plan Ahead With Your Partner

It is counterintuitive to host a celebratory that causes you immense stress and frustration. That’s why you should plan your anniversary party with your stress levels in mind first. The easiest way to alleviate stress is to start planning months ahead of time in small chunks. You should also be sure to have your partner involved. This anniversary party is a celebration for both of you. Having everyone involved prevents stress from piling up and allows you to design a truly enjoyable event. You want to make your event memorable, so be sure to take the time to make it magical.

2. Be Strict About the Guest List

One common complaint about weddings is the stress of having to invite this estranged uncle or that annoying cousin. The guest list can be a constant source of misery for couples trying not to exclude anyone but still trying to curtail possible drama. Luckily, your wedding anniversary is different. Keep it low-key and only invite people you enjoy. Not only do smaller wedding anniversary parties save money, but they are more pleasant for everyone because there is more time to connect. Don’t be afraid. Talk to your partner and grab a red pen to slash through that guest list.

3. Reserve a Great Venue

If you want an incredible dinner, reserve a spot at a restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to. If you want an outdoor experience, check out local botanical parks. Everyone is different, so everyone will have a unique definition of the perfect venue. However, the ideal venue will be somewhere within your budget, have lots of open space, and be accessible to you and your guests. Some companies, like Zprime, know that most people want traditional restaurant spaces because they provide food and make catering easy. Some people prefer open ballrooms for dancing. Make a list of what you value in a venue and start researching to find the perfect location.

4. Know What Entertainment You Need

Of course, scheduling the right entertainment is crucial to having a successful and fun event. Wedding anniversaries are the perfect time for funny slideshows and playful speeches. Be sure to hire a professional photographer or assign a camera-savvy friend to take pictures of the events. Typical entertainment will include a live band or a DJ to play music. Some people place small board games at various tables or conversation starters. It all depends on the size of your guest list and how close you are to them. Smaller and more intimate wedding parties can feel free to be creative and include more inside jokes than larger ones with extended relatives.

Above all, remember that your wedding anniversary is about you and your partner. Have fun with the process and even more fun at the event itself.


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