How To Throw an Awesome Bachelor Party



The bachelor party is a celebration of becoming a married man, and it definitely deserves detailed preparation. If you are reading this, the most chances are that you are the best man or the groomsman that wants to organize an awesome bachelor party for your friend, as this is the custom. Use the next lines as a checklist or inspiration chart to throw the best bachelor party.

The Guest List

The bachelor party is all about the groom. Check who are the friends and family invited to the wedding and contact each male that should be a part of the bachelor party. The list of the people involved will affect the party organization, as the location and the activities might differ depending on the guest list.

Get people on board with your idea and possible dates, and try to get the exact list before you start looking for the location. Be open to the ideas of other people, but don’t lose the thought that this should be the groom’s party. There might be a family or local tradition that you want to incorporate to include the importance of this party as the rite of passage for the groom.

Organizing Team

Don’t do this on your own. The event organization is not an industry that would exist without the gap in the market. Ask for other guests that might be interested in helping you so that you can divide the responsibilities, especially if you’ve never done this.

You need a team that consists of a few people. Firstly, a person that knows invited people to keep in contact and update the information. The second guy will know the possible location, and be in contact with the professional hired to help with bar, catering, and planned activities. Third should be like an office manager that will keep track of the budget, the bills, and arrangements.


Pick a location where everyone can come, which can accommodate every guest. Take care that the guests with special needs can be included without any setbacks. If you plan an outdoor activity have everyone on board before arranging paintball or pool weekend. If you want to hold the party at home, make sure that there is enough space and accommodation for your guests and your neighbours will not be bothered by all the noise.

Arrange a Date

Pick a few dates so that people can choose the one that fits best their schedules. Ideally, everyone invited should come. If the date falls around a public holiday, use the golden opportunity when most of the guys will be free.


Do not book the place before getting everyone on board and having a complete list of guests! Try to get the schedule of the groom, even though he should be the last person to know. Also, don’t do it the night before the wedding. The wedding day is already a day full of activities and overwhelming in itself. No groom should come tired or hungover to their wedding.

Activities for a Bachelor Party

This is where you should show how much you know and love your friend, the groom. A day where he is the king, the star, the center of his friend group – this is what the bachelor party is all about. Don’t stay away from the idea of fulfilling their dream, whether it is something regular like a huge barbecue, or a dream travel destination. It is a great time to switch it up – make a man spa weekend. Enjoy the facials, the massages, manicures, and pedicures, and get the royal treatment every good man deserves.

Preparation of the Space

Whether you are preparing the space on your own or getting professionals to help, make sure to have everything planned. The catering and the bar services should be booked as early as possible, especially if you want something special.

No matter the activity, take care of the carpets! It is a good idea to hire a local cleaning service, so for the Newcastle, location look for a carpet cleaning service from Newcastle. It is not possible to have the best bachelor party without a toast, but that wine will definitely leave stains if spilled!

Don’t Do Anything Too Crazy

Even though this might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go all out with the crazy ideas, don’t go overboard. Remember that your groom should attend his wedding in one piece. For every physical activity, you might consider letting the local ambulance know about your event. When it comes to other surprises, the surprise tattoo or a night in jail might also not be a good idea just before the wedding.

Make Memories

From all of the preparation and changes in schedule, you might forget that this party should be a party to remember and have memories of. Consider decorating your place and hiring a photographer that will be a part of your adventure and preparing some small gifts for everyone. Those can be hard to decide on for men, so you just might get a figurine, a shirt, or get an individual piece of equipment that will be loved, cherished, and used later.


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