5 Safety Risks Most Businesses Ignore



safety concerns are commonly overlooked by businesses. Ignoring these concerns could put you, your staff, and your customers in harm’s way if they aren’t addressed and resolved sufficiently. You’ll want to avoid overlooking these five safety risks that most businesses ignore.

1. Unnecessary Distractions

Distractions of any kind can make it more difficult for employees to focus on their tasks at hand and may also jeopardize their safety. The chances of bodily harm are especially high when employees who work in construction, manufacturing, or other positions where accidents are more common get distracted.

Some of the most unnecessary distractions for employees include listening to music on headphones or fidgeting with mobile phones while trying to work. To minimize these distractions, you can provide entertainment or other leisure amenities at your business that employees can enjoy while taking their breaks. TVs and computers that are placed in breakrooms can be an especially good way to ward off distractions on the job.

2. Lighting Issues

Insufficient lighting in any part of a business can create security hazards and pose other dangers. Many businesses are known to ignore poor lighting if it only affects a few rooms or other small areas, but failing to address this issue can make workplaces more hazardous for everyone. Poor lighting can help mask the criminal activities of burglars, vandals, and other dangerous intruders easier and put you, your staff, and your customers at greater risk of becoming victims of crimes.

Poor lighting also makes seeing clearly more difficult and may cause people to trip or bump into objects that can’t be seen as easily and injure themselves. Any burnt-out or flickering lights should have their bulbs replaced immediately, or you may need to have your wiring worked on by an electrician if the poor lighting is being caused by electrical system problems.

3. Neglected Paved Areas

It isn’t just the inside of your building that you should be concerned about, and failing to maintain your business’s parking areas could make your premises more hazardous. In addition to having ample lighting, you’ll want to make sure that your parking lot or garage has surfacing that’s free of potholes or other maintenance issues that could damage vehicles or cause bodily harm.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have designated parking spots for people with disabilities which is very important. This way all people who have disabilities can have easier access to your building and won’t have to further risk injuring themselves when going to and from their vehicles. According to C&D Services, a company that provides
parking lot striping in Dallas, TX, it’s advisable to have clear lines drawn to designate parking spaces so that vehicles won’t block certain access points or create additional dangers by parking in areas where they shouldn’t.

4. Poor Grounds Maintenance

Along with your parking lot, other areas of your business property’s grounds should be maintained well to make your premises safer for everyone. Any cracks or holes in your walkways should be paved over immediately to prevent people from hurting themselves from falling while trying to walk or move with a wheelchair across them.

A poorly maintained property can also attract more pests that can wreak havoc on people and building structures, and this problem can be avoided by removing trash, weeds and tall grass that attract pests and provide better hiding places for them. It’s also best to sweep walkways and parking areas on your grounds regularly to remove any nails, broken glass, or other sharp or otherwise dangerous objects.

5. Fire Hazards

You and your employees are likely aware of some of the most obvious fire hazards, but there could be other dangers that might be getting ignored. People who choose to smoke while on your premises may be discarding their cigarette butts on the ground and increasing the chances of fires starting, and you can minimize this risk by having designated cigarette disposal bins that are emptied regularly.

Your electrical system may also be on the verge of starting fires without you knowing, so it’s advisable to schedule an inspection of your system from a professional electrician as soon as possible. Employees should also be advised not to water any plants that they keep in their work areas near computers or other electronic equipment that could spark fires from the moisture.

Doing everything that’s necessary to address these safety hazards can help your company stay in business longer. Safety should always be a top priority, and addressing the issues that are often overlooked by other businesses can minimize risks significantly.


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