How to Support a Struggling Husband While Trying to Conceive



When a couple hopes to have a child, it can be an interesting time. Most couples experience a range of emotions when they’re preparing for a new baby. Between excitement, fear, and concern, it’s perfectly normal to feel the emotional rollercoaster. However, it can be rather uncomfortable when one partner is struggling. If your husband is struggling to conceive, consider the following ways you can be supportive.

Open Communication

Keep the lines of communication open. While it might be tough at times, make sure you do your best to know where your husband’s head is at. He might be feeling a tremendous amount of guilt. From an emotional standpoint, you can be supportive by being a listening ear. Don’t be quick to pass judgment on his feelings. He needs a safe place to process his thoughts and internal struggles. You can choose to be that person for him. Often the biggest cause of ED is just a lack of confidence, so being open and understanding will go a long way.


Even though you can serve as his “soft place to land”, there’s nothing quite like talking with a professional. If you two haven’t invested in couples’ therapy, now is a great time to start. Additionally, it’s helpful for both of you to enjoy individual therapy as well. Encouraging your husband to see his therapist can be one of the most productive ways to help because he’ll be able to process his feelings with a professional therapist. Professional therapists have tools to help you navigate tough situations without losing your mental wits.

Medical Recommendations

It’s not uncommon for couples to struggle to conceive because there’s a factor with the husband’s health. This happens more than you might think. This is why seeing a medical professional will eliminate any questions regarding any underlying issues with your husband. However, if he’s dealing with a condition that requires an erectile dysfunction treatment, there are ways to work with that. Hope isn’t lost. However, it is important to see a physician. If it is a medical problem, the most common issue is a testosterone deficiency, which you will want to be treated not just for the ED but for other health concerns as well.


Ultimately, there’s no real way to rush the process. To be as supportive as possible, learn to strengthen your own muscle of patience. Be patient with him. Remain patient with the process, and be patient with yourself. Be clear and straightforward regarding what you need in order to move forward with the pregnancy. However, still offer patience and loads of grace. Having sex already is a very personal and very private matter for anyone, and you should never let your expectations get in the way of building a strong and meaningful relationship with your spouse.

If the conception process is challenging, know that this is a normal experience as well. It’s a great idea to check out videos on YouTube to see normal, everyday couples who’ve gone through similar experiences. When you two are able to see that you’re not alone in this experience, it’ll help you feel better to keep trying and moving forward.


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