5 Things You Must Be Willing to Do If You Want to Find True Love


When it comes to risking anything in life, we do so with the purpose of achieving something for the greater good. It takes hard work to get anything that’s worthwhile. When it comes to having anything of value in life, it’s important to be willing to do certain things in order to attain it. Unless you’re the type that’s lazy or a dreamer that never goes after what they really want, you must do the following when it comes to finding the love of your life, making it work, and making it last.

Here’s the list:

1. Risk Getting Hurt

In order to truly fall in love, you must have an open heart. You have to risk getting hurt in the process. If you have any type of emotional barrier or guard up to protect yourself, you must fully remove it. To fall in love, you have to be willing to get down and dirty so to speak. Just like the great Dennis Prager would say, “Nothing good in life comes without pain.”

2. Close the Door to Your Past

If you have any emotional baggage or wounds from previous relationships, you must rid yourself of them. The past is dead and gone. You have to develop a true and deep understanding that you must live for today, tomorrow, and your future. If you have any lingering feelings for someone from your past, you must fully let them go. In other words, leave your baggage at the door, and then walk in. New relationships will never work if you’re not emotionally ready and available to it. You must be emotionally available, and not partially so.

3. Provide a Clean Slate

You have to fully let go of any hurt that you might’ve experience previously. Every promising situation deserves a sincere and genuine chance. This means that you must give a clean slate to someone, because no damage has been done, and you don’t want to bring in old problems. New people and new relationships carry a sense of purity, and should all receive a clean slate. Imagine moving into a new home. You should wash your dirty laundry before packing it into a new box to be put into the new place. You shouldn’t pack up dirty laundry. But instead, wash it first, and then pack it.

4. Be Whole and Balanced

Love yourself first and foremost. Love and embrace yourself fully and wholly, without putting yourself down about your inadequacies or imperfections. But instead, embrace your imperfections and appreciate all of the good things that you have within yourself. You must be a whole person before exploring any new relationship. As well, you must be a balanced person, and provide a sense of balance in your relationship. Relationships should never be one sided. Both people need to be giving and loving towards each other. To be balanced, you must create time for everything that’s important to you.

5. Make Time and Put out Effort

When you truly love someone, but you have a busy schedule, you need to make the time for your partner. Although being emotionally unavailable can be a big problem for many, being physically unavailable can be as well. Not having the time for love and romance should never be an issue if you have a balanced life. No one wants to feel like an option, but a priority instead. You need to make the time, and put effort into everything that you do. If you want the best results in a relationship or in anything in life for that matter, you must put in the hard work, and do so with an adequate amount of love and effort. Like I’ve previously said, effort costs nothing. When you want to be with someone bad enough, you make it happen.

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