5 Things You Can Upgrade in Your Bathroom and How



Everyone agrees that the bathroom may be the most useful space in your home. You, your family, and your guests all visit the bathroom multiple times a day. A dingy or malfunctioning bathroom can be a major eyesore and headache that negatively affects personal hygiene practices and feelings of privacy and comfort. Let’s explore some easy upgrades that can bring new life to your bathroom.

1. Storage Solutions

No one really wants to see a sink top and toilet tank cluttered with personal care items, such as cosmetics and grooming supplies. Consider switching out your pedestal sink for a floating vanity with concealed storage for personal items. Beneath the vanity, you can have open floor space to tuck away a small waste bin and attractive baskets for storing items that can be accessed easily, such as hand towels and rolls of toilet paper. Your guests won’t need to see your private stash of hygiene products.

2. Frameless Glass Shower Enclosure

Frameless, clear glass shower enclosures and doors are elegant and can expand the room visually by allowing for more light to fill the space. This will give the bathroom the feeling of being larger than it actually is. Getting rid of the metal frame also eliminates those tracks and grooves that can trap moisture, calcium deposits, and mold. Your bathroom will be a much cleaner space by eliminating the shower enclosure frame.

3. Rethink the Lighting and Ventilation

Many older bathrooms have a single fixture in the center of the ceiling that might be a combination fan and light fixture. The light source is often a fluorescent lamp. When thinking about bathroom renovations, a better solution is to have recessed LED fixtures over the sink and a separate fixture over the tub or in the shower. For a large bathroom, add a few extra recessed lights that are on dimmers to increase the ambiance. The exhaust fan can also be recessed in the ceiling so that it isn’t an eyesore.

4. Change Out the Toilet

If you still have one of those round front toilets with a tall tank, consider swapping that out for a sleeker, elongated front toilet. Another really clean option is a wall-hung, tankless toilet. These toilets are void of nooks and crannies that are annoying to clean. A wall-hung toilet enables you to mop the floor easily beneath it.

5. Bring in the Technology

One simple upgrade to your bathroom is the electronics in it. One simple upgrade we’ve already talked about is the light switches. Another is to the outlets. If you are able to get outlets that have USB ports in them, you will be able to charge your devices more simply. After all, if you are using your phone extensively in the bathroom, you might as well charge it too. One upgrade that is becoming more and more popular is BlueTooth speakers. Many new BlueTooth speakers are water-resistant, making them a wonderful addition to your shower.

There are so many ways to improve your bathroom. These are just 5 ideas to get you started. A renovated bathroom is a perfect way to improve your hygiene routine, add ambiance, minimize cleaning, and ultimately increase the value of your home.

Brooke Chaplan

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