5 Fantastic Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas



When your bathroom is tiny, it’s easy to feel you’re stuck with how it looks right now, without a way to improve it. However, nowadays, there are some practical solutions that will make your bathroom more attractive without requiring too much of the precious space you have. If you want to remodel your small bathroom, but you’re short of ideas to do so, here are some of the best ones to get you started.

1. Use Lighter Colors

Although you may not have the big bathroom you really want, you can still make it appear bigger by choosing a lighter color pallet for the tiles, walls, furniture, and fixtures. Light colors will reflect more light, making your bathroom appear more spacious and airier. Of course, this doesn’t at all mean that everything needs to be plain white, as 2022 will see a wide array of bathroom color trends. You can opt for various grays and neutrals to open up your bathroom space, which is particularly important for those bathrooms that have an awkward layout and many corners. Lighter colors will allow light to bounce from the walls to the corners and back, giving you the sense of space that you don’t actually have.

2. Utilize Mirrors

Another way to extend any room visually, especially your bathroom, is through mirrors. They will reflect everything that surrounds them, but the focus is on the light, which will make your bathroom seem larger and much brighter. Aside from that, you can find ornate mirror frames, so that they serve as decorative elements. Plus, you can combine square and round mirror shapes to show your individuality in your bathroom décor. Even going as far as installing a mirror sheet across an entire wall won’t be too much, since it will give the impression of doubling the space. Finally, if you’ve decided to go with darker colors for your bathroom, the space will benefit greatly from any reflective surfaces, mirrors being the ideal option.

3. Position Your Taps Wisely

When you lack space, every inch matters, and you’ll always seek ways to make your fixtures more compact, without losing their functionality. An excellent way to achieve this is by placing your taps above the sink. In some bathrooms, you’ll be able to mount the tap on the wall, which will allow you to hide the unappealing pipes, without a huge basin pedestal. If not, you can place the tap on one side of your sink, to get the space necessary for installing a sizeable sink in a narrow bathroom. It’s essential that you don’t mess with the plumbing yourself, but rather hire licensed professionals, to avoid any issues down the road. For instance, the reliable Easy Solution Plumbing & Gas plumbers will employ some of the most innovative technologies and their experience to make sure everything in your bathroom works perfectly, including your taps.

4. Make the Best of Your Walls

No matter how minimalist you are, you’ll need as much storage space in your bathroom as you can get. When the size of the room simply can’t welcome the cupboards and floor-to-ceiling shelving you desperately need, turn your attention to the walls and get as creative as you can. From carving out a small nook in your shower space, where you can store your shower essentials, to hidden medicine compartments behind your mirror to hanging racks on your walls, so that you can organize your makeup, towels, cleaning supplies, or anything else you keep in your bathroom. Plus, you can always get several floating shelves, placing them one above the other, to which you can later add some woven baskets so that you can keep your everyday extras from sight while being easily reachable and esthetically pleasing.

5. Maximize Floor Space for Bathroom Remodeling

Ensuring that your floor is as clear as possible can also provide you with the notion of a bigger space when it’s in fact limited. This can be accomplished by choosing floating vanities instead of the regular ones. This will mean that the floor space beneath them is uncluttered and your bathroom far less cramped. A nice vanity that will have enough room for your toiletries and other bathroom necessities will serve you well, with a basin that fits right on top of it. This provides you with plenty of opportunities to decorate your bathroom precisely the way you want to since these vanities come in a variety of styles and finishes for you to pick from.

The size of your bathroom shouldn’t restrict you, so when you think it’s high time you take on remodeling it, let these ideas guide you and see where they take you next. Keep your mind open and be imaginative to get the best results with the space you have.

Diana Smith

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