5 Tips to Turn an Eclectic Decor Collection Into a Cohesive Room Design



Often, we have a lot of décor and knickknacks that don’t quite go together. Perhaps you’ve bought them for different decorating schemes that you no longer use or maybe over the years you’ve collected items without thinking about a particular theme or style in mind. Now you’ve got a house full of things you love that don’t match. However, by following some simple steps, you can put together a well-designed, well-loved home. Here are 5 helpful tips to turn an eclectic decor collection into a cohesive room design.

1. Start With a Neutral Palette

You don’t want too many colors fighting for attention as it can overwhelm visitors. If you have a diverse collection of décor, it’s usually best to make the room itself fairly neutral. Simple wooden floors or sisal rugs can help you create a consistent, neutral background for your most beloved items.

Wall colors should be in the cream-to-white palette. However, if there is a color that complements most of your décor, you can use it to add a pop of color on one accent wall.

2. Find a Unifier

Find something that is similar in many or most of the pieces you’ve collected. It may a common color, shape, texture, or theme. You can accentuate this common factor and use it to unify the room.

Artwork can be used to pull together décor in different colors. Find floral paintings or other pieces that use many of the same colors as the décor pieces you have. Hanging those paintings in the room with your pieces can make the different colors seem more intentional.

If you have a collection of photographs you want to display, find frames in one color so the whole collection can be pulled together in a grouping. If you collect glassware or pretty dishes may want to display them on a wall.

3. Create Some Open Space

If your living area is crammed with objects, it can quickly go from eclectic design to a crowded mess. Make open space between the dining and living area, or leave a wall blank to give the eye a rest. Be sure to add plenty of light to your home so each item gets the attention it deserves.

4. Put Items to Use in New Ways

An antique chest of drawers can become a buffet in your dining room. An old sewing machine table can be used as a drink station for a party. Using old things in new ways is a great way to make sure that everything in your home is lovely and purposeful.

Go Slowly

If you love collecting but don’t have a focus, you can rapidly be overrun by your possessions. Get comfortable with bare walls or collections in boxes while you look for the perfect painting, mirror or display cabinet. Rushing may make you spend more than you can afford. Then you won’t have the space for the antique chest of drawers you really want because you bought plastic storage at a big box store. Eclectic design requires shopping with a personal touch, so be ready to put in the time.

You should fill your home with items that you find memorable, beautiful, and useful. If you find an item that speaks to you and you have a spot for it, celebrate this addition to your collection and to your style. Don’t worry about investing in items that match. Celebrate the style you love.


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