How to Properly Maintain Your Family Boat



When your family owns a boat to use for recreation, you will want to care for it properly so that the item won’t decay. You might think that a boat will remain in excellent condition without any attention, but boats require frequent repairs. Use these techniques to keep your family’s boat in a safe condition.

Change the Oil in the Boat’s Motor

If your family’s boat has a motor, then you should change its oil to keep it operating optimally. Changing the oil in a boat’s motor will likely require removing it from the boat so that the messy oil doesn’t contaminate the water or the boat. A motor on a boat is a heavy and awkward item, but there are support stands for the motors so that you can remove the old oil before adding new oil. Make sure to regularly change the oil in your boat, just like you would do with your car. It is important, it helps keep the engine from becoming worn and scarred by debris.

Clean the Boat’s Interior and Exterior Surfaces

You probably think that a boat remains clean because it floats on water, but a boat requires regular cleaning to remove pollutants that can degrade the surfaces of the watercraft. To clean the exterior of the boat, you may need to lift it from the water to remove debris from the outside of the item. For the inside of the boat, use the cleansers that are recommended for each type of material. Salt and water can wear away at the outside of your boat very quickly if you do not clean eat every time you take it out on the water.

Make Needed Repairs

When something on a boat isn’t working properly, you should address the issue right away. You will need to order the appropriate marine maintenance parts supply. Finding the proper components for a motor or other item on a boat is time-consuming, so you should find a specialty company that has a large supply of different replacement parts. Make sure to understand the types of components that are required for a boat before making an order. Doing regular repairs is part of being a responsible boat owner. Staying on top of them can make them easier to manage.

Perform Regular Tune-ups on Your Boat

It is vital to perform regular tune-ups on a boat, especially when it is used frequently. Boats that are stored seasonally will also require a tune-up because the items aren’t being used enough to keep the components lubricated. To understand how to tune-up a boat, look for books that describe the process, and also, have a calendar to remind you about the tune-ups. Experts recommend tuning-up a boat every two to six months, depending on its usage.

Last, if you live in a region with rough weather conditions, then you should have a proper storage location for a boat during the off-season. You can find storage facilities that offer indoor spaces for boats throughout the winter, but you can also cover a boat with formfitting tarps that will repel water.


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  1. Thanks for pointing out that boat tune-up services are important to have even for boats that are being stored away. It will take a while before I could go boating again since I’m still adjusting to moving into my new home. Hopefully, I can find a good place to have my boat maintained while I’m still waiting for my new furniture to arrive.

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