5 Underestimated Benefits of Coconut Oil for Home Treatment



Have you ever used coconut oil at home? If not, perhaps you should give it a try as it guarantees to give you dozens of practical benefits.
Coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm. The incredible fat saturation makes coconut oil extremely useful and applicable to various situations, including cooking, healthcare, and beauty.

Practical Use-Cases of Coconut Oil

You may have heard of some advantages of using coconut oil, but I want to highlight five underestimated benefits of it for home treatment. We will also show you how to make coconut oil on your own, so let’s dive straight into the topic!

Coconut oil has some serious application potential and it’s impossible to discuss each use-case in a single article. What we can do is mention five interesting home-based solutions that most people would certainly enjoy and appreciate. Here are our top picks:

1. Use Coconut Oil to Nurture Your Hair

The first benefit of coconut oil is its ability to nurture your hair and make it look prettier and healthier. One way to use it is to pour some oil onto your head and scrub it to encourage hair growth. You might as well create special shampoo bars and let your creativity flourish while experimenting with coconut oil.

This type of oil can also have an anti-frizz effect if you rub it through the hair with your bare hands. Besides that, coconut oil can serve as a great hair conditioner if you leave it on your head for five or six hours.

2. Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Coconut Oil

Makeup brushes are a critical part of your skincare arsenal, but they require thorough and consistent cleaning as well. You need to do it at least once a week to remove bacteria and protect your face from rashes and other complications.

In case you didn’t know, we inform you that coconut oil can help you with that thanks to its sheer versatility. You can pair it with just about any antibacterial skincare soap to get a perfect brush cleaning mixture for everyday usage.

3. Coconut Oil as a Makeup Remover

If you think coconut oil can only clean your makeup brushes, you are so terribly wrong! It can also serve as a great makeup remover and keep your face skin neat and clean. The oil quickly disintegrates all sorts of makeup, including waterproof products.

All it takes is to use several drops of coconut oil and pour them onto the cotton pad. After that, do what you always do while removing makeup – use the pad to wipe gently and clear your forehead, eyes, nose, and cheek.

4. Use It as a Body Moisturizer

Nothing feels more comfortable and delicate than applying a body moisturizer to your skin. And as it turns out, you are free to use coconut oil as an ingredient to make a special body moisturizer at home.

How Can You Do It?

Get some essential oils (avocado is our number one pick) and mix it with a small cup of coconut oil. The proportion is up to you to determine. Use the new moisturizer to clean and relax your body while softening the skin.

5. Sit Back, Relax, and Soften Your Feet

Your legs suffer enormous pressure every day, so it’s always a good idea to sit back, relax, and soften your feet with coconut oil. A thick layer of coconut oil will help you with its antibacterial characteristics, while the skin on your feet will soon start feeling gentler and smoother. You can also mix coconut oil with other ingredients such as softening creams or other herbal oils.

Make Coconut Oil at Home in 5 Easy Steps



You can buy coconut oil at almost any retail store these days, but we love making it at home because it feels better and more natural. Jane Gardner, a beauty advisor at the college essay writer service, says all it takes is to buy coconuts and follow these five steps:

  • Get two or three fresh coconuts, peel them off, and take out the flesh. It’s a raw material that you’ll have to work with during the next five stages of the process.
  • The second step is to find a piece of a firm and see-through cloth. It serves as a sieve as you are going to squeeze the coconut flesh in order to collect the milk. Of course, the milk needs to be pure, so pay attention not to leave any residue.
  • Pour the coconut milk in a pot and let it boil for a couple of hours. Make sure to stir it periodically as it is the only way to keep the liquid useful and avoid any burning effects. Keep it in the pot until the milk starts getting the brown color.
  • As soon as you see the brown color and notice that the liquid has turned thick, remove the pot from the stove and leave it for a while until it cools down.
  • The substance is once again ready for filtering, so you ought to squeeze it through the cloth one more time. The thing that you get from it is coconut oil.

Coconut oil is not only nutritious but also very healthy. Apart from its numerous cooking applications, this type of oil can serve as a valuable contribution to your cosmetics line. In this post, we showed you how to make coconut oil by yourself and described five of its underestimated benefits for home treatment. Have you ever considered using coconut oil this way?


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