Reinvent Yourself After Divorce to Be Ready for a Perfect Date



It can be excruciating, and maybe a devastating experience for you to go through a divorce. You probably had so much hope and joy going into the marriage, but it was hell. Now, you are through it. It’s over, and you need to move on. This means that you need to reinvent yourself. Even if you already have kids from the union, that shouldn’t be enough reason to get stuck in the past. If anything, the kids are the more reason you have to get back up on your feet as soon as possible. And if you don’t have any kids, the same applies, get up and move on.

Whatever the situation you found yourself in your past relationship or marriage, you need to take the next step from where you are. Now that you are divorced, what next? It’s a new life you have in front of you, and you have to make the most of it. It’s time for you to attend those dates again. This means reinventing yourself, and how do you go about this?

Talk to a Therapist

This may or may not be the first step that you take. People handle divorce differently. If you feel that your divorce is affecting you in some ways, then you should seek professional help. For instance, if you think that fault for your marriage breaking down is your ex’s, you should see a counselor as well. This will help you get through the complicated feelings and open you up for love. If you haven’t gotten over your ex, you might need to see a counselor or stay away from dates. But if you are okay, then you might get on with your date.

Date for the Right Reasons

You must be dating again for the right reasons. If you are looking for a date to avoid the anger, hurt, or loneliness that is a result of your divorced marriage, you need some time to heal again. You might need to see a counselor if this is the case.

However, if you already took some time out to heal and now know that you’re ready for another date, you should go for it, according to Maggie Chue, the leading editor of help with assignment column. This means that you are prepared to catch all the feelings in dating someone again, including the uncertainty, vulnerability, tolerance, etc., and you don’t mind that it’s with someone that is not your ex.

Be Reasonable With Your Expectations

If you are going for a first date after a divorce, don’t think of getting married to them. You should first think about enjoying the moment. Otherwise, you will be setting unreasonable expectations that might affect the relationship sooner or later. You should see it as an avenue to understand your new reality.

It is also essential that you don’t look at this person with the lenses of your ex. Do not make any sort of comparisons – good or bad. Don’t also be delusional to think that you will not face any challenges or even the same challenges in a new relationship.

Speak About Your Pasts Honestly

Don’t mislead the other person on the little details about your life or your past (especially if it still reflects in your life). Your last marriage might be shitty, but if you had a child out of it, tell them honestly. The earlier, the better. They will always find out later. It saves you a lot of stress to tell them by yourself, and it also helps you to bond with someone that shares the same values as you. It also means that they will take you for who you are if they like you.

Take It Slowly

If it is the first date, you don’t have to dive in like a whale into intense, personal talks. Both of you would benefit more from taking it slow with yourselves. Start with phone conversations before going for a date. Also, try to do different activities together and get to know yourselves slowly. You will get the chance to see yourselves in different settings and understand each other better. You can also go on dates with each other’s friends. Those in-depth talks will come gradually and naturally. Do not force it all on them on the first date.

Know Your Priorities

Your first relationship might or might not have been a mistake, but you want to avoid a similar occurrence. You have to know what you want from or in your partner. You have values that you are looking out for and deal-breakers, as well. Once you figure these out, you won’t waste your time with people who aren’t worth it.

Take Your Time Before Introducing a New Partner to Your Kids and Family

Dating can be a little complicated if you already have children. It means that you might have to take more time to know your partner before introducing them to your kids. If you are bringing them in, you are making them a part of your kid’s lives. So, you need to make the right decision. First for yourself, and your kids as well. You should take at least six months to get to know them before introducing them to your kids. Your family also has to be ready for the introduction. You want to make sure it’s not too soon.

You might be relieved after a divorce, or you are unhappy about it. Whichever feeling it is, take your time to heal and reinvent yourself for a new date.


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