5 Easy but Powerful Home Workouts for You



With the worldwide quarantine lockdown in March and April, we were forced to stay at home. Some countries still have quarantine periods, and many of us switched to remote work. 
Staying at home may seem like a well-deserved break. Nonetheless, when it’s more than a couple of days, we might develop unhealthy habits that affect our health and work. Some gyms may be closed, and you can’t go for a jog if it rains. Still, a home workout can be a great alternative to running and going to the gym. In this article, you’ll find five easy but powerful home workouts for you.

Home Workouts: Get Ready

Before we suggest the workouts you should do, let’s talk about setting up your workout space.

The living room is usually the room with more space, generally between the couch and TV. So, if you have a carpet, roll it, and put it aside. If you exercise with weights, try to stay away from your TV, so maybe move the couch back if possible. The only downside of this common area is that people might want to watch TV and relax on the sofa. This might not go well with someone who’s exercising in the middle of the room.

If your bedroom is spacious, you can use that as a working out space, where you can play your music and focus on your moves better. Just pay attention to the corners of your furniture and bed.

Your yard or balcony may be a good place: fresh air, plenty of space, and occasionally noisy neighbors.

Don’t forget to exercise on a fitness mat that you sanitize after every workout with alcohol or specific detergent. Wear fitness gear if possible, or shorts and a t-shirt will do. Wash those clothes after your workout too.

Lastly, wear footwear, especially if you’re exercising outside, but always keep it clean.

1. Cardio Workout

This type of workout stimulates the whole body and challenges your heart, blood flow, and breathing. Try to do this for about 30 minutes in total and don’t drink too much water. You don’t want a heavy stomach while you’re jumping up and down. Here are the key moves:

  • Get down into a plank and come back with the knees to your chest. Then jump vertically and do it all over again. 
  • High Knees. Make sure you bring your knees to at least a 90-degree angle. Try to switch your legs and arms fast. 
  • Jumping Jacks. The move is similar to the snow angels you used to do in the snow as a kid, but now it’s vertical.

2. Core Workout

The core isn’t just your abs; it’s the whole middle section. Everything below your chest and upper back to your hips is core. So, when making the next moves, try to get a complete range of motion and keep your back flat on the ground when you’re sitting on it. Here are the essential core exercises:

  • Sit back on your mat and keep your lumbar region in touch with the ground. Keep your arms on the side, with hands behind your head. Lift your head to the ceiling, not towards your legs. Remember: it’s an upward move. You should do it from 20 to 50 reps.
  • This exercise is great if you work seated for hours as a blogger, assignment writer, or freelancer. On your belly, with long arms and legs. Try to have a straight posture with your entire body. Breathe in, squeeze your back, and lift your arms and legs back. Exhale at the top, then come back to the initial position. Repeat 15 to 30 times.
  • On your back, try to move your legs circularly, as if you were on a bike. Each elbow should touch the opposite leg. Repeat 20 to 40 times.
  • In a push-up position, sit still for a minute. You can also do it on your elbows. The longer you stay, the better. Repeat once or twice.

3. Lower Body Workout

The lower body is vital for the body. It takes us everywhere. But even when we can’t go anywhere, we still have to keep it in shape. Here are the top leg exercises:

  • The main exercise for legs is the squat. Start standing, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then lower your body until you get to a sitting position. Next, lift yourself back into the initial position. Your arms can be straight and parallel to the floor or behind your head. Repeat 12 to 25 reps.
  • Calf raises. Standing, lift your heels off the floor, as if you’re trying to reach a top-shelf. Then, come back down. You can work with your feet together or apart. Each variation targets a different side of your calves. Repeat until you can’t anymore.
  • With your hands on your hips, step with one leg forward, and lower your body. You should get to a position where both your legs are 90-degree angles. Alternate legs and do 12 to 20 reps each.

4. Upper Body Workout

We use arms for most activities, so it’s vital to keep them moving. Here are the quintessential moves for the upper body:

  • Push-ups. You can do these on your knees if it’s too difficult for you. Remember that the closer your arms are to your chest, the harder it gets. Repeat for 12 to 24 reps.
  • Tricep Dips. Place your hands behind your body on the floor, couch, or chair. You should be in a plank position, but your belly should face the ceiling. Bend your elbows, lower the body, then come back to the initial position. Repeat for 20.
  • Up and down plank. In a push-up position, drop each arm to the ground until you are in a plank position on your elbows. Then lift each arm to get into the initial position. Repeat 20 times.

5. Yoga Workout

If you’re looking for something a little easier and calmer, try a yoga workout. This way, you can relax while challenging your body. Here are the yoga moves you need to do:

  • Downward-facing dog. You can start from a standing position. Bend your body to reach your toes with your hands. Then, slowly touch the mat with your fingertips. Place your palms in front and keep going until your weight is distributed on both legs and arms. Inhale and exhale a couple of times. You can bend your legs, one at a time. Come back to the original position and repeat the move ten times.
  • Lay on your belly. Place your palms underneath your shoulders and lift your upper body while leaving your legs resting on the ground. Inhale and exhale. Stretch your abs and come back to the initial position. Repeat this slowly for 20 times.
  • Sit-ups. Lay on the ground with a flat back. Keep your arms long above your head. Then, lift your upper body to a seated position. Next, come back down. Do it slowly, and remember to breathe. Repeat 20 times.

Whatever group of muscles you may want to work, there are plenty of alternatives. Remember to stretch at the end and take a shower.


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