5 Ways To Honour a Loved One’s Memory



Losing a loved one is the most challenging issues we have to cope with in life. Our grief can be eased by using ways to remember these people and their impact on us. Memories can fade, so it makes sense to use personal items to keep their life light alive within us. Here are some ways to honor a loved one’s memory.

1. Write a Eulogy

A eulogy is a speech given at a funeral that tells mourners about the deceased’s lives and times. Look online for tips on how to write a eulogy.

A eulogy can be a formal presentation that summarises the life of the deceased in terms of academic achievements, career, and life history. It can be more anecdotal and full of interesting and amusing stories about the person. A good eulogy usually has a mix of both styles of content and will depict a fully rounded picture of the dearly departed. Adding some amusing stories will often help people cope with the funeral, as laughter will help lighten the tension in the air.

It helps to build the profile by including any nicknames they were known by, mentioning all of their immediate family members and where they grew up. Talk about any academic achievements, significant relationships, or marriages they had and whether they attended any clubs or sports groups, hobbies they enjoyed, or any other points that defined their life.

2. Dedicate a Bench to Them

If your loved one enjoyed being in the great outdoors and had a place where they loved to go walking or a garden in which they loved to sit, you may want to consider erecting a memorial bench in that location. Benches can be fitted with an engraved plaque which gives details about the person who has passed and in some cases can be placed in public parks where people can come to sit on the bench and pay their respects.

3. Cherish Their Clothes

It can be difficult to part ways with the deceased’s clothing items as your head will be filled with memories of them wearing the garments. The smell of the clothes may also trigger fond thoughts that you never want to fade. Preserve pieces of clothing by having them made into a teddy bear, cushion, or quilt. You could even frame your loved one’s clothing and hang it on the wall as a lasting legacy of their life.

4. Make Them Part of You

It has become increasingly popular to have your body tattooed with a dedication to a loved one who has passed. Consider having a picture of the person tattooed near your heart, or the date of their birth and death stamped on your arm. Some people take a sample of the dearly departed’s handwriting to the tattooist and have that traced onto their skin.

5. Keep Them Alive Online

Use a social media platform or online memorial site to create a dedication to the person you have lost. Post photos and videos of the person, as well as anecdotes and stories. The webpage will be a place where people who knew that person could go and reminisce or post photos and memories of their own.


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