8 Secrets of People Who Always Have a Clean Home



We all have that one friend who we believe to be lazy but somehow, their home is always spotless. If you too are wondering how come some people seem to always have a clean home, you really need to read about the following 8 fast-track cleaning tips.

1. Clean the Microwave in Minutes

The more you use an appliance, the dirtier it gets. This is definitely true of a microwave that some folks fire up on daily basis. Traditional methods state that you need to spend hours carefully scrubbing the inside of the microwave.

This cleaning method is outdated, as you can clean the microwave oven in a matter of minutes. “Nuke” the microwave using a water bowl filled with lemon slices. As the water starts to boil, the steam will loosen the gunk and the grime, making it easy to simply wipe off all the muck with a wet cloth.

2. Wrapping the Shelves in the Fridge

Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator is among the dirtiest chores in the house. The food residue and stains are sometimes impossible to clean, even when you put an abrasive substance on them.

The reason for this is the freezing temperatures that blend the dirt with the fridge. Luckily, there is a hack that allows you to clean shelves in the fridge within minutes. Simply line the shelves with tin foil or a plastic bag and replace them once a month or when they get dirty.

3. A Laundry Sorter Will Come in Handy

Laundry day is a hassle for most people, as we hate to sort through dirty laundry. However, there are affordable laundry sorters, among other bathroom amenities, available online nowadays. These contraptions allow you to sort several types of laundry. This way, dirty sheets will be ready to go inside the washing machine before laundry day.

4. Getting Other People To Clean for You

If you have a friend or someone you know who has a disability, it has probably crossed your mind how they manage to keep their house spotless, when your own place is a mess? Well, these folks like to play it smart and hire NDIS house cleaning services to do the cleaning for them.

This isn’t such a bad idea, as professional cleaners clean the entire house in a couple of hours, something that the average homeowner can only dream of achieving on his/her own.

5. Fast-Track Dusting Using Dryer Sheets

Dusting is a real hassle, especially in large homes. There are many places that are hard to reach even if you are using a duster. A neat little hack that helps you speed up the dusting process is to use a dryer sheet that normally goes inside the washing machine.

Due to its size, it helps you dust fan blades and blinds easier. The dryer will knock the fine dust particle off any surface and the chemicals it’s soaked will act as dust repellants.

6. Displaying Silverware

Every time you have a fancy dinner party coming up, you want to use the finest silverware you own. However, cleaning every single knife and fork will take hours, so you should clean only the pieces you are actually going to use. A creamy polish and specialized silver wipes should ensure your utensils are spotless after a couple of minutes.

7. Showering Scum Cleaning

The next time you enter the shower cabin for a wash, you can use the opportunity to wash the glass (or Plexiglas) from the inside. An abrasive sponge and water are all you need to have fun before you take a shower.

After you’re done showering, simply rinse the soap using water. In fact, if you wash the inside of the shower cabin after every wash, it will get dirty much slower.

8. The Laziest Way To Clean the Floors

Do you know how your parents used to tell you that you shouldn’t walk around the house in your socks? Well, it’s time to ditch that advice because a pair of old, fluffy socks is a great way to dust the floors.

Namely, the fabric acts as a natural duster that collects hair, crumbs, and dust. This lazy-man’s cleaning technique is especially useful for reaching all the nooks and crannies.

As you have seen from our examples, the “secrets” of fastidious people aren’t really secrets. They are smart hacks that allow them to clean their house fast and without overspending. Furthermore, the 8 cleaning techniques ensure dust and dirt don’t settle back as they normally would, so your home stays clean longer.

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