How You Can Support a Loved One Through Grief



It’s invertible that you will encounter a person who may be in your workplace, congregation, or neighborhood who lost someone they treasure. Most of the time, we have good intentions, but it’s hard to know what to say or do. However, if you do not know exactly how you can support a loved one through grief, do not worry; in this post, we will look at different ways how we can support a loved one during the grieving period, including buying them condolence gifts.

Do Not Try To Fix Their Grief but Say Something

To an individual who has lost their beloved ones, it appears like a hurdle has been erected between everyone else and them unless the loss is accepted in some way. Many times we do not say anything because we fear that we may say an inappropriate thing.

Other times we are silent because we want to say something insightful, meaningful, or helpful, and we cannot come up with anything. However, grieving individuals do not expect you to say anything that will make things fine or that you will share some emotional or spiritual insight they have not thought of to this particular point.

Do Not Share a Story of Your Loss or Someone Else

Most of the time, during the awkward silence or in our willingness to show them that we care and understand what they are going through, we may tend to fit the current situation with a similar story which is natural. 

However, the most important thing is to keep an eye on the grieving individual since we might assume that our story may help, but it won’t. Their loss is all they have room for in their conversations, thoughts, and hearts; therefore, they keep focusing on them.

Allow Them To Cry

Sometimes we fear bringing up an individual’s loss since we do not want to upset them, especially if it seems they are having a great day. But they are sad inside since their grief is always back in their minds. When we ask anything concerning their grief or share how you have been thinking about the individual who has died, and they start to cry, it’s not that you made them sad.

You just gave them a chance to release the sadness already there in the form of weeping. You were so thoughtful to bring the subject they wanted to talk about, but they didn’t know how to start, or they do not want to make others uncomfortable.

Proactively Meet Their Practical Needs

Grieving individuals will rarely call you if they need anything. They are not in a position to organize and recruit the help they require. They need individuals around them to observe and figure out something that will help them and do it. 

No one will call and ask someone to do their laundry, clean their toilets, get groceries or check on their errands. But that is what they require during this time. The above tips can assist you in comforting a grieving person.


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