5 Ways to Make Your Office More Employee-Friendly



It’s 2019, and by now everybody should know how important employment satisfaction really is. It improves productivity, creates loyalty, and helps companies get the best professionals available. Therefore, it’s no wonder employers everywhere are trying to make the conditions in which their teams work as good as possible. Here are some ways to improve your office in order to make it more enjoyable for your employees. 

1. Improve the Lighting

Make sure the lighting in your office is great. The best option is, of course, natural light. However, sometimes you can’t get plenty of natural light due to high-rise buildings around you, the fact that your geographical area doesn’t’ get much light in any circumstances, or simply the weather. If that’s the case, you need to find the next best thing. Find artificial light that imitates the color of natural light, and make it easy to adjust. That way, each of your employees will have the opportunity to work in the light that’s best suited to his or her needs. 

2. Add a Pop of Color

A colorful workplace can really improve your employees’ view of the office. Colors can boost people’s mood, and the ideas of color psychology have been proven true in practice. Choose the colors based on the nature of the work done in your office. For example, if the office deals with analytical work, blue is a great option. If the work is more creative than analytical, you’d probably want to go with purple instead. Finding a good commercial painting company should make your job much easier, but painting your walls is not the only way to introduce a bit of color into the office. If you use colorful stationery or other details, you can make the place a bit more cheerful without doing a complete renovation of the office space. 

3. Get a Coffee Machine 

A coffee machine is a great asset to your office. It allows the employees to use their coffee breaks much more efficiently because it eliminates the need to go out in order to grab a cup or two. It’ll improve the team spirit in the office because the coffee machines tend to work as a meeting point for coffee drinkers. And of course, coffee machines make coffee, which is probably the favorite beverage of any working individual. It helps your employees stay alert and focused, and maintain a constant level of productivity. Finally, the pleasant smell of coffee is enough to improve the day of many people. All of these benefits follow a tiny coffee machine which doesn’t even have to take up much space, so why not get one? 

4. Find Comfortable Chairs 

Because most of the work in any office is done on a computer or a laptop, having comfortable chairs is a must. They can really improve the quality of life of your employees because good chairs prevent problems with neck and back that can be caused by sitting down for too long. A good chair provides great support for your back, which takes the pressure off of your spine. This prevents pains and headaches that appear as a result of a sedentary lifestyle and improves the health and mood of your employees. 

5. Provide Simple Entertainment 

Add a fun activity or two into the everyday routine. If you put a foosball table or darts into the office, your employees will have a fun way to de-stress in the middle of a difficult day. It’ll provide them with an opportunity to hang out with other team members during the break, and it’ll promote teamwork and good relationships among team members. 

Making the office a bit more enjoyable for the employees don’t have to be difficult nor expensive. If you put a little thought into the way you can make your team enjoy their work a bit more, you and your business will benefit greatly.


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