5 Ways To Strengthen Your Marriage



If you take a look at the rate of divorce, the idea of maintaining a happy, healthy marriage seems a little impossible at times. Truthfully, marriage isn’t easy. However, marriage can be incredible when two people choose to work on it each day. By finding new ways to evolve and strengthen a marriage, two people can truly experience a beautiful experience. Consider some of the best ways you and your partner can strengthen your union.

1. Schedule a Weekly Date Night

A weekly date night doesn’t have to happen at a five-star restaurant in order to count. The point is to connect with each other. It can help to have a brainstorming session and fill up a jar with date night ideas. The ideas might include a picnic in the backyard, a walk through a museum, or a quick run to the local ice cream parlor. This jar of ideas can help you get inspired when planning your next date. Even if date night is just relaxing on the couch and watching a movie, just be sure to put your phones away and spend quality time one-on-one. 

2. Share Intimate Moments Every Day

Intimacy doesn’t always equate to sex. While sharing these moments with your partner regularly can be great, plans change. People get busy with their children, work, and other responsibilities. However, intimacy between a couple is the glue. Even if sex doesn’t happen each day, find different ways to be intimate. It might be that you two enjoy holding hands as you eat dinner. You might decide to read a page out of a good book together. Even in the busiest moments, find sweet ways to remain connected. It’s also wise to invest in couple’s therapy from providers like Covenant Sex Therapy in order to uncover ways to make your intimacy deeper and more fulfilling.

3. Be Private

In a world where social media platforms love new content, try not to make your marriage your content. Oversharing can easily make mountains out of molehills. With discretion, keep your marriage off of the internet. When you put too much in the public sphere, it gives people an opportunity to spew negativity your way. You don’t have to hide your partner or your relationship but keep your more personal issues and arguments to yourself. The key is to find a good balance for privacy.

4. Communicate in Each Other’s Love Languages

If you don’t already know your partner’s love language, take an online quiz in order to learn. Once you two are clear, be intentional about speaking through that love language on a daily basis. As you shower love in their love language, it’s harder to stray or fall out of love. Intentionality is key.

5. Grow With Your Partner

When a person evolves and matures, their mindset won’t remain the same. When you’re married to a person, you have to evolve and grow with them. Reevaluate certain areas of your marriage to see what works and what doesn’t work in a particular season. What worked when the kids were babies might not work when they’re in high school. Just be willing to renegotiate and shift with your partner or you’ll grow apart.

If anyone tells you that marriage is easy, they’re not telling the truth. It is an experience that will challenge your core, expose the ways you can improve, and force you to evolve. However, it’s one of the most rewarding experiences that two people can enjoy together. By submitting to the beauty of the hard work, remaining vulnerable with your partner, and committing to these five tips, you and your partner can possibly experience your own version of “happily ever after.”


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