5 Ways To Improve Your Marriage Life



If you would like to improve your marriage, this is a great endeavor to pursue. It is always beautiful when two people can follow through on their vows in a healthy and productive manner. In your effort to improve your marriage, it is easy to take on a lot of advice. The key to improvement is intentional action. Consider taking action on these tips listed down below in order to experience a difference in your marriage.

1. Willingness

It takes two to make a healthy, happy marriage work. Someone once stated that if you have a happy wife, you will have a happy life. This is not the full picture most of the time. If you prioritize the wife’s happiness over the husband’s, this is an imbalanced equation. Both people need to be willing to serve and love each other. If one partner does all the work, there is a high possibility this is going to lead to resentment and other negative outcomes.

2. Counseling/Therapy

While you might never want to invite a third party into the intimate experiences of your relationship (arguments, etc.), it is okay to invite a counselor to mediate and help you two improve. It is actually one of the wisest things you can do for your relationship. By taking time for couples counseling, you will be able to identify more of what needs work and how to intentionally improve.

3. Time Together/Apart

If you two spend a lot of time together, you need to create time apart. Sometimes, distance makes the heart grow fonder. Develop hobbies and separate groups of friends in order to get some space and autonomy. On the other hand, if you two lead separate lives, it is time to find some common ground in order to come together. Set up date nights. Cultivate time each day to connect with each other. Start a project or a book together. As you find new ways to intimately connect, it will help you feel more like a team.

4. Attentiveness

Pay attention when the other person is talking. Try to work on the amount of digital time you two spend in each other’s presence. If your spouse is talking about something they are interested in, take interest. Ask follow-up questions and vice versa. Attunement truly matters in any closer relationship.

5. Communication

Especially during arguments, it is important to learn how to effectively communicate. Learn how to fight fair. Understand when a topic needs to be addressed at a different time or when one party is feeling too overwhelmed to speak at the moment. Also, do not forget about the non-verbal component as body language makes up a significant percentage of communication.

It is often stated that marriage is hard. However, marriage can also be really rewarding. The labor behind a healthy marriage often involves learning communication styles, compromise, and more. However, when you and your partner can develop a healthy rhythm, you two can set yourselves up to experience a thriving, happy marriage. Just remember the tips listed above and you should end up in a better spot with your special other.

Brooke Chaplan

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