6 Easy And Affordable Ways To Grow Long Natural Eyelashes



Having long, black and natural eyelashes is every woman’s dream across the globe. They try so many different ways to get their natural eyelashes to get thick and long. Many women curl and apply mascara to their eyelashes. Some even stick artificial eyelashes over the natural one so that they look thick. They hope these things might make them look attractive, but these are indeed never a healthy way to treat your mascara.

Eyelashes play a key role in our eyes. These tiny hairs protect your eyes from sweat, dirt, and debris. Basically, lashes are way too important than you think and thus, should be treated with caution. We have found out 6 easy and affordable ways to grow long, thick and naturally curled eyelashes.

Easy Ways To Grow Long Eyelashes In A Month  

1. Comb Daily

Just like hairs on our head, eyelashes are also needed to be combed daily. Why does it work? Well, combing improves blood circulation which then stimulates hair growth. Use a special brush or else just thoroughly wash the brush off your old mascara and use it. Add a few drops of Vitamin E and brush your lashes to the tips twice a day.

2. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is considered to be applicable to a wide range of treatments. Want to remove dark spots, apply petroleum jelly. Want smooth skin, apply petroleum jelly. Just like that if you want to grow naturally long and thick lashes, apply petroleum jelly.

What does it do? Petroleum jelly soothes and moisturizes dry eyelashes, allowing it to nourish itself. Now comes a question, how to properly apply petroleum jelly? Again over here, you can use washed old mascara brush to apply it. Avoid eye contact with petroleum jelly and apply it overnight.

3. Nourishing Oils

Don’t you apply oil to your hair? Do you think oiling is important? If your answer is yes, you might know the importance of oil and how it helps hair follicles.

Oils like castor, olive, and coconut if applied, provides nutrition to your eyelashes and keeps them healthy. You can take 2 or 3 drops of an oil or more than one and apply it before going to bed using your finger or brush.

4. Serums

There are wide range serums available in the market that can help you get desired eyelashes in just a month. Serums are way better than wearing mascara. You might think this method is not that cheap, but trust me when I say it will definitely give you your desired eyelashes and is worth investing.

If you can buy expensive mascara and fake eyelashes, then why not invest some penny into something that will actually give you long time results. There are so many products available in the market like Careprost eyelash growth drop, Bimatoprost Ophthalmic Solution and Lumigan Eyelash Enhancer.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one of the most used plants for medicinal purposes. Both aloe vera juice and flesh is obliging for eyelash growth. Aloe vera strengthens and nourishes your lash follicles. Apply fresh aloe vera juice or gel on your eyelashes overnight and wash it in the morning. If you wish to improve the effect of aloe vera, mix it castor or olive oil. This will also fasten the eyelash growing process. 

6. Cleaning

We all know that cosmetic products like mascara and glue used to stick fake eyelashes damage our eyelashes. But still, on some occasions where you have to apply makeup, it’s ok to use those products for some time. But it’s more important to wash it off as soon as you come home. 

Leaving mascara or fake eyelashes while going to bed effects as bad as leaving hair spray overnight. What can you do? Just remove the makeup instantly you arrive home using makeup remover or olive oil. Clean thoroughly and then go to bed.               

Bonus Tips

  • Never pull your eyelashes while using an eyelash curler. It will make them weak from roots and thus they fall out easily.
  • Daily care of your eyelashes can improve the overall condition of eyelashes, therefore, nourish them regularly. 
  • Normally, eyelashes may fall 4 per day but if you face more than 4 eyelash falls, consult a dermatologist immediately.  

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