6 Small Steps To Improve Your Body Image



Unfortunately, society judges people on their outward appearance. As a result, there are many standards a lot of people work to reach. It’s especially challenging for women as they’re placed on a higher pedestal when it pertains to looks. In many societies, beauty is considered a societal currency and can directly impact a woman’s stability and more. Issues like these can lead to poor body image, low self-esteem, and obsessive disorders. If you’re in a position where you can recognize that your body image needs work, consider the following ways you can improve it.

1. Monitor Your Thoughts

Your thoughts are paramount because they lead to your feelings. In turn, your feelings lead to your actions, habits, and lifestyle. If you don’t think positively about yourself and your body, you’ll end up thinking those thoughts for as long as you live. Even when you achieve your ideal body, you’ll end up thinking you need to do more because your mind hasn’t caught up to the reality your body is living in.

2. Declutter Your Media Consumption

If you’re following a ton of Instagram models who look nothing like you, it’s time to unfollow. Affirm yourself by following people who look like you, inspire you to embrace who you are, and encourage you to live a healthier life. Avoid the comparison game because it’s a trap.

3. Invest in Professional Assistance

For some people, therapy is instrumental in a weight loss journey because people stop using food to cover their emotions. Once they’ve felt and dealt with the emotions, they don’t need to self-soothe with food anymore. For someone who’s teetering on an eating disorder like bulimia, there are treatment options for eating disorders. Take advantage of them to avoid causing further harm.

4. Wear Flattering Garments

Don’t wait until you’ve achieved a certain weight in order to buy clothes that fit you well. Instead, celebrate the body you’re currently in by purchasing clothes that fit you well. Well-fitting clothes make a difference in how you feel in them.

5. Take Time for Self-Care Rituals

Take time to affirm yourself by taking good care of your body. Self-care rituals include daily visits to the gym, lots of rest, and massages. Drink lots of water to maintain hydration, and protect your peace.

6. Develop a Healthy Relationship with Food

For some people, food is a source of comfort. As a result, they overeat when they’re feeling stressed, sad, or another emotion. For others, food is the enemy. They eat as little as possible in order to stay alive. Outside of that, they will torture their bodies with starvation tactics. Both habits are harmful. Learn how to nourish the body with healthy foods that will help you function at your best.

While this process is much easier said than done, it’s worth the commitment and the effort. When you’re able to conquer your own perception of yourself and your body image, this can impact the way you show up in the world. As you build more confidence in yourself, this will directly improve your quality of life.


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