Got a Mental Health Challenge? 4 Struggles From the Real World



Dealing with a mental health struggle can make life even harder than it already is. From polarized politics and international tension to the pandemic and economic uncertainty, the modern world is a hard place to handle. That might all be on top of the stress you face in your personal life. Mental health struggles can take many forms, but there are several in particular happening a lot right now.

1. Trauma

So much has happened in just the last few years that it’s a source of ongoing trauma for many. Modern technology makes it nearly impossible to ignore the news when everyone is connected 24/7. Even if you totally unplug from it all for an hour, just one conversation with nearly anyone brings you up to speed, and the stress levels that come with it are surreal. Mental trauma can manifest itself in many various ways. Be sure to find a licensed professional that you like so you can get the best treatment possible.     

2. Eating Disorders

Two-thirds of the American population is listed as overweight, and half of them are technically obese. Much of this is attributed to poor diet and sedentary lifestyles, but some are actually dealing with actual disorders. Bulimia, anorexia, and binge-eating are problems for many, but there are other various disorders afflicting some. Treatment options for eating disorders are available, however, for those that would like to recover and regain their physical and mental health. There is help out there, but you have to reach out to be able to access it. Remember this and know that even when you feel like you cannot reach out, you must.

3. Anxiety

The more uncertain the world gets, the harder it is to feel grounded and safe. The youngest generations are getting hit particularly hard. They’re still learning about the world around them and then suddenly many were out of school for a year or two. Many parents still wake up every morning not knowing if they’re taking their kids to school or staying home to watch over remote learning all of a sudden. There is a lot of anxiety to go around, so getting help with it is an absolute necessity. There is only so much you can handle, so reaching out will help alleviate your burden. 

4. Depression

Depression has been a growing problem for some time, but the lockdowns and pandemic restrictions made it even worse because it forced people to isolate themselves from one another. Even when many got to head out of their homes, they had to stand physically separate many feet apart and wear face masks that discourage socialization which is a basic human need. Depression is rampant anyway, but these conditions make it a lot worse.

Some mental health struggles can make you feel like you are alone in what you’re going through, but you’re not. There are many others facing similar difficulties or battles of their own. There are also resources available to you if you need support and help with what you’re going through.


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